5 Benefits of Combining Virtual and Live Experiences for a Hybrid Event

Team Wiztales
December 3, 2022
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During these days, it seems like 2022 was the year of virtual and in-person encounters which has in-turned 2023 into a year of hybrid solutions. This change brings both exciting advantages of the virtual blend of live and digital meeting experiences as well as some drawbacks. The past two years have been extremely difficult for event planners, but the epidemic has also accelerated the transition to digital transformation. Having said that, using digital technology is not the only way to maintain the flow of business-critical events. As the plague recedes, the organizers are shifting their focus from immediate survival to long-term prosperity. Here's why hybrid events are essential to that long-term strategy, but before coming to any benefit and consequences we should first understand what a hybrid event is.

What does it mean to Hybrid events?

Hybrid events let spectators watch and participate from anywhere since they integrate virtual and physical activities. In other words, people have a choice between participating in person or participating remotely utilizing tools like video conferencing and virtual event booths. The greatest advantage of utilizing a hybrid strategy may be its degree of versatility. Hybrid events stand out because they are built around interaction and provide each guest with a similar experience. This engagement is fueled by the innovative use of technology. This is not the same as posting footage on demand after the event or giving priority to the live audience over remote viewers. Even if virtual events might not be the same thing, doing so has several advantages over more conventional in-person events.

How does a hybrid event work?

The basic goal of any event, hybrid or not, is to provide attendees with a consistent experience no matter how they choose to participate. Online viewers can participate in live activities that are taking place in person by tuning in. A great example of a hybrid event is one where participants can directly engage with presenters and other guests. If you have the right technology on your side, it shouldn't matter if they aren't physically there where the in-person players are. Hybrid events are successful because everyone who attends has access to the same event materials and comparable chances to interact with speakers and other participants. For example, both local and remote guests can broaden their networks by corresponding via instant messaging or live video. The possibilities are essentially endless. Other hybrid events include those that can host virtual guests and have physical activity centers spread out over the globe. In other words, hybrid events can be used in virtually any setting and at any scale.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Events?

Both virtual and in-person events have their fair share of inherent benefits and drawbacks. A lot of individuals are eager to attend more live events and spend less time in front of screens. However, for a variety of reasons, many more people are more likely to participate remotely. Due to their ability to serve both audiences, hybrid events are the future of event marketing. You will surely get success through a smart hybrid event management app that will have all the features which are a must for hybrid events.  

1. Attain more reach and attendance

The most pervasive misconception about hybrid events is the notion that participants can only interact with them in person or online, not both. In actuality, the hybrid method increases the number of attendees at your events. Even if a participant would like to take part in person, travel logistics can make it impossible for them to. However, if they can participate virtually, it is a close second. Furthermore, unlike in-person location events, which can only hold a certain number of people, there is essentially no upper limit to the number of virtual attendees you can have. Thanks to hybrid event technology, virtual attendees can interact with speakers and other attendees exactly like they would in person. Online users can connect by exchanging information, leaving comments on it, asking live questions of speakers, and participating in video conferences.

2. Better Sponsorship Opportunities and chances

Event sponsors are more likely to fund hybrid events as a result of the advantages that are becoming more and more clear to them. For instance, if a large number of attendees is predicted, a trade exhibition is more likely to attract sponsors. Hybrid events attract a much larger audience, which is crucial for sponsors. Additionally, sponsors may be able to take part virtually by erecting virtual exhibit booths and presenting presentations through video conferences. In a time of severe travel restrictions, this is essential for events that want to host sponsors and speakers from other nations.

3. Improved Return on Investment

Due to the expanded reach and scalability they provide, which attract more participants and sponsors, hybrid events can dramatically enhance turnover. The increased flexibility also reduces financial risk because it's easier to cut back on in-person events and increase your online presence to attract more guests who are located farther away. Utilizing hybrid event technology, you might gain crucial knowledge and insights from both live and virtual attendees. For instance, polls and surveys connected with a mobile event app allow both in-person and remote attendees to provide input.

4. Enhanced Event Flexibility

Many event organizers are still pondering whether to resume in-person events in light of the most recent unprecedented disruption. The expenses are significant if they must be postponed because of an unforeseen issue, such as an additional pandemic wave, a volcano catastrophe, or anything else. Having a hybrid event platform as a backup helps to ensure you are ready if such uncertainties do materialize. Contrarily, putting all your eggs in one basket by relying solely on conventional live events is a great example.

5. Supercharge Your Marketing Pipeline

If you work in the event marketing sector, using a hybrid strategy makes complete sense. Even if the majority of attendees show up in person, streaming assures that all of the content is recorded for later use. Therefore, long after the event has ended, those who attended in person can see past talks and other materials. A successful hybrid event can have an effect for weeks, months, or even years. You will also have the information you need to enhance your overall marketing plan and increase the effectiveness of the next events if you keep a thorough record of all contacts with attendees. The considerable reduction in travel's environmental effect may be the pandemic's biggest benefit. This has revealed yet another benefit of things like remote work, teleconferencing, and virtual events.

 Concluding to the above words

If your company is interested in presenting a hybrid event, you must collaborate with a platform provider that provides the event with multi-functional digital assistance. Consider the visual cues that virtual participants will experience when viewing participants in-person and vice versa. Take into account the mic setup, camera placement, and camera angles for the physical location. It's crucial for inclusivity and participation that everyone, regardless of where they are, can see and hear one another.

Wiz365 is an intelligent, all-in-one virtual event platform with all the necessary features that will make the event engaging and memorable to the audience. If you are looking for more in-depth advice on virtual event planning or need support in organising your next virtual event, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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