Altyug – a virtual platform for events, games, shopping, and conferences!

Team Wiztales
August 18, 2022
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Imagine attending a corporate event in an entirely immersed virtual world, where your avatar can move around, explore new environments, interact with colleagues, network efficiently, learn, play and have fun. How fun and different can it be from regular in-person corporate events? 

And now, Altyug is making it possible for any business, brand or corporate to establish their business in the virtual world or organise their events in the metaverse conveniently and effortlessly. 

Altyug by Wiztales is a metaverse platform which enables near-to-real events, games, shopping and conferences in a customised 3D environment with avatars. 

Altyug is a web browser-based metaverse platform that allows businesses and event organisers to design their customised immersive virtual spaces, and participants can create their digital twin and be a part of the events. Altyug allows real-time communication and intuitive interactions where avatars are enabled with multiple movements and gestures, custom animations and many more. 

Key features of Altyug

1. Avatars and digital twins -

Event participants can create full-body avatars or their digital twins, with multiple options to customise and styling. They can select the skin colour, apparel, boat structures etc. The avatars can walk, run, climb, jump and communicate with their fellow participants.

2. Real-time Communication -

Participants can walk around the event environment, go near their fellow participants and start conversing with them. Communication in the metaverse events happens in a near-to-real way in physical events. Altyug provides a Multiplayer environment where you can meet your colleagues and walk up to them and strike up a conversation with them in real-time. 

3. Immersive Virtual Venues-

Altyug allows the event organisers to design their virtual venue, duplicate their in-person/hybrid event place into 3D virtual form, or use our pre-designed readymade templates. Venus in the Altyug events can deliver a powerful, immersive and realistic experience to the users with multiple points of interaction.

4. Intuitive interactions -

Avatars in the Altyug platforms are enabled with multiple movements, custom animations and gestures like walking, chapping, running, dancing, etc.

5. Gamification -

Altyug has interesting inbuilt games and an integrated leaderboard, which will make the events highly engaging and entertaining.

The major advantages of using Altyug - A metaverse platform

Scalability -

With Altyug, businesses can accommodate 1000+ participants in a moment across various devices like mobile, desktop, or any other web browser.

Audience engagement -

The key benefit of associating with Altyug is that you can attain high level of audience engagement and satisfaction. With Altyug, retailers, organisers, sponsors and participants will have the best ROI.

Accessibility -

Though the event/business is happening in a virtual world, participants don’t need AR/VR headsets or glasses. They can access it from any browser, phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Immersive environments -

businesses can design their own virtual environment and venue according to their needs or use the pre-set, ready-to-use templates. Participants can create their avatars when they join the events and be a part of every activity through their avatars. 

100% Customisable -

Altyug is fully customisable. Event organisers can add their layouts, choose backgrounds, add branding and integrate necessary resources.

User-friendly -

Altyug is designed as a highly user-friendly platform both at the back-end and front-end. We will provide support to the event organisers, from planning and setting up the event on the platform to event day support, post-event analytics and reporting.

Audience Insights -

With Altyug, brands can easily access event analytics and audience insights. They can deeply understand their attendees with real-time data.

High engaging and easy networking -

At Altyug stores and events, networking and engaging with fellow participants can happen like at a physical event. 

How cool your next event will be with Altyug?

Irrespective of what kind of event or business it is, with Altyug, it will be highly engaging, immersive and fun. Be it a monotonous corporate conference, town hall, venue tours, educational fair or any other metaverse event, Altyug will make it a splendid experience. 

Businesses, brands and corporates can establish their businesses or organise their events in the metaverse and provide a unique experience to their audience. The immersive experience will enhance their engagement with immersive venues, active avatars, real-time communication and intuitive interactions.

The metaverse is new and evolving; with us, you can create events that make the most in terms of ROI, revenue, audience experience and growth. 

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Team Wiztales
Founded in 2018, Wiztales is the world's fastest-growing Event Tech Platform. We empower organisations by merging the excitement of live events with the panache of the virtual world to create unparalleled event experiences for global audiences. With multiple product lines, Wiz365 a virtual and hybrid platform for organising virtual events, Wizit an In-person DIY Event experience app, and Altyug, an eCommerce and events metaverse, Wiztales aims at empowering organisations to create unparalleled experiences for global audiences. Over the last 3 years, we have helped 150+ brands execute 1000+ virtual events with the viewing participation of around 1 million users. Wiztales emerges as India's Best Virtual Events Platform at Wow Awards Asia 2022
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