Your checklist to host on a virtual event platform

Team Wiztales
June 28, 2022
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In the last 1 year and more, if there’s one major shift that has collectively helped in keeping our sanity, relationships and communication skills in check, it definitely has to be the ability to network virtually. Be it the never-ending flurry of Zoom Calls, GMeets or any other form of getting together, the role of virtual connectivity has become indispensable. In fact, this has placed virtual event platforms in the spotlight. 

Virtual events have helped people not miss out on gatherings and celebrations by creating novel opportunities to foster relationships with the help of technology. While virtual events are here to stay in the foreseeable future, it is essential to keep in mind a few important things before you decide to host an event.

Although an increasingly convenient and easier medium than physical events, virtual events come with their own set of challenges, which needs to be manoeuvred through pre-planning. All for an important reason, to access the success and the audience’s interaction. Here’s a simple yet extensive checklist put together by our team of experts, keeping in mind all that you need to follow while hosting on an event management platform.

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Before The Event

Define The Purpose Of Your Event

Why are you conducting the event? What is the end goal? What would you like your audience or sponsors to take away from the event? If you are still thinking, some of the common purposes for the event may sound like brand awareness, lead generation, engagement with the audience and more. Answering these questions is the first step towards hosting a successful event by identifying what to expect.

Know Your Audience

Once you have identified the purpose of your event, the next step involves identifying your audience and customers and tailoring your content and agenda to their needs.  At the end of the day, the event is being held with a specific purpose, if your content and agenda do not resonate with your end-users, this can lead to major dissatisfaction and failure of the event. Especially since the event is virtual, a drop in attendees can hamper a lot on your plans. 

event Planner

Set Your Goals

Goalsetting for the event will help you gauge the metrics. You can analyze them over past events or even have them for future reference. It helps you understand how well your event has performed and measure success.

Understand Your Virtual Event Platform

Technological advancements have made our life easier and have also brought in a vast area that needs to be covered by the user to even understand the potential. Reach out to the Virtual Platform’s team and get an intense knowledge transfer of the various services they offer. This will help you plan ahead and utilize the potential of the platform to the optimum.

At Wiztales, we offer a gamut of engagement features and more that make your event management and hosting easier. You can take a look at them here or even get in touch with us.

During The Event 

Engage Your Attendees

Engaging the audience is a given, be it at a virtual or physical event. One of the primary reasons people attend events is the entertainment or value addition provided. The personal experience at an event speaks volumes about the event itself. Especially now, when the world is virtual, it provides more room for the attendee to simply quit an event if they are disinterested. 

Based on your audience's bifurcation, create content that interests them. Include a lot of interactive activities, be it polls, questionnaires or event games.

In fact, with Wiz, one of our key attractive features is the Virtual Round Table which lets the audience choose the topic of discussion and take part in real-time conversation, similar to a conference. 

Utilize Data Capturing and Analytics

The power of data and analytics is undeniable for a virtual event. The data that the audience willingly shares with you, coupled with analytical data, can help you generate simple to trivial information like the number of tickets sold, promo codes, session attendance, audience interaction rates, and more.

Facilitate Networking

One of the primary reasons for attending an event is the opportunity to network and build a contact profile. Including options like one-on-one interactions, live chat, video calls, and more can provide great scope for people to attend and be attentive throughout.

After The Event

Collect Feedback

Feedback will help you understand the strengths and possible weaknesses of your event. It will also provide you with an overview of your event’s performance before you dive deep into the numbers. Ensure you share a succinct survey with just the right questions to know about your audience’s experience. And this will also provide you with a scope to improve and make changes for your next event, already!

Get Into The Number Game

Analyze all the data that you have collected from the event. Compare the data to the goals you had set in the beginning to estimate how well your event has fared. This will help you term it as a success or failure and also give you an in-depth understanding of your content, performance, and scope for change.

All said and done, the execution of an event idea lies as much with a virtual event management platform as with the event manager. Hence, make sure you start with thorough research of the options available and choose the one that provides you with wholesome benefits and takes equal responsibility for your event’s success. Because the experience matters.

With Wiz365, we have the expertise of conducting 120+ events just during the pandemic. To avail of a demo of our platform, reach out to us at or book a demo, here.

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