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Provides seamless, effortless participant management & check-in experiences. Gamify your in-person events and drive data from them. Get better ROI insights from a physical event and open new avenues for online and offline audiences to interact with ease by using Wizit’s event management system.
device agnostic
Device Agnostic Approach

Accessibility is key with Wizit’s event management app, allowing users to access the application from any device, anywhere at any time, with downloadable and web app options, Wizit redefines convenience allowing remote and physical attendees to enjoy its benefits at the same time.

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qr code integration
QR Code integrations 

With Wizit’s event management software, use the technology of QR codes like never before, to create AR and VR experiences directly in the application, network at lightning speed through profile scanning, enable access control for entire venues through a simple scan, and gamify the users experience with in-built codes.

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real time engagement
Real-Time Engagements

Allow attendees to interact in real-time with a plethora of pre and in-event activities, they can participate in live Q&As, and polling during speaker sessions and choose from a host of 30+ activities designed to gamify their entire experience which is possible through Wizit’s event management system. 

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event management app
DIY Companion App

Create a web app by collaborating with the best event management software to support your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events in under 30 minutes. Add personalized widgets to make the experience for your audience more unique.

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Swift Payments in Events
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RFID payments let customers tap their bands to pay and businesses offer instant incentives through our mobile app. Topping up through Wizit’s event management system removes the need for cash or cards. RazorPay POS integration makes payment processing easy and commission payments hassle-free.

Your virtual events are in safe hands, and so is your data

Create an immersive attendee experience with interactive programming for both digital and onsite audiences
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Host your in-person events with Wizit’s all-in-one event management platform!

Wizit, a modern device-agnostic in-person DIY Event Experience, and Event management app, provides both the in-person and virtual attendees with constant and continuous interaction within the palm of their hands, linking them to the event content, exhibitors, fellow attendees, live notifications, and a lot more!
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