5 Reasons Event Apps Are the Must-Have Tool for Event Organizers

Team Wiztales
November 30, 2022
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The worldwide event technology market is being significantly disrupted, yet selecting an event management tool that offers value is frequently overwhelming. An event management app or software has become a must for all types of events in the modern era, whether they are hybrid, virtual, or in-person. This is mainly because of the nature of the event planning and management profession. Nobody wants to deal with seemingly never-ending spreadsheets, send several hundred emails every day, and worry whenever there is a change, whether it be the keynote speaker or a visitor's preferred food. Using an event management app can make the numerous responsibilities involved in organizing a single event, and multiple (and potentially overlapping) events, less frightening. But do you really understand what advantages choosing a quality event management application may provide you? Why should you choose an event management app for your events? This article will inform you of the factors that are truly essential to pay attention to as well as the justifications for selecting an event management system. Wiz365 is there to help you out with virtual events through their smart hybrid and virtual platform that can turn your vision into reality! Although, if you have chosen an in-person event then, Wizit is the best choice as it is an event app that can give you a positive outcome for your dream event!

Being an event organizer, nobody wants to spend time in a lengthy process, everybody wants to solve things in easier and faster ways that can make the event into a blockbuster. This can be done through a smart event app like Wizit! Here are the listed reasons why event management tools are a must-have for event organizers!

5 reasons why event organizers must-have event apps

Get an organized event management team

An event management app can help you get organized, facilitate productive cooperation, and prevent misunderstandings among team members. An event is frequently organized by a large group of people, or collaborators, including administrative staff, event managers, email marketers, and onsite coordinators. The event platform will make sure that responsibilities are delegated, communications are clear, and work is completed quickly by the team members. The app will display all the updates, making it simple for you to monitor the project's development. You can always keep track of all the activities taking place within the organization and look up any information without difficulty or mistakes. However, information is effectively protected because only specific events will be accessible to each collaborator role.

Manage Attendees through the CRM

How many attendees, buyers, registrants, and invitees will you have? How many emails will you have to send and receive back and forth? How much data on ticket and product sales will you need to process? Without a suitable management app, this attendee data management duty can have you grab for the aspirin. With an event management app, attendee data is centralized on one platform, making it quick and easy to find what you need. Additionally, you have access to a contact's whole history of purchases, registrations, attendance, communications, memberships, referrals, personal preferences, feedback, etc. The demographics, real-time trends, and data can be used to efficiently create event marketing strategies for both current and upcoming events.

Make the automation of on-site check-in

It's time to start looking for a mobile check-in app if you haven't already for your past events. Even if your event is accessible to everyone, it is usually preferable if you can get some information on the attendees. How do you handle those that register online, show up at the last minute, haven't paid for their tickets, and want to buy stuff simultaneously? Consider employing a mobile check-in app before organizing a large crew to manage check-in. You can forget about the typical snake lines for check-in with a few self-service digital kiosks, especially for registrants at large-scale events. They can log in at their own pace using their phones, tablets, or laptops.

Analyze event success in a budget-controlling way

Hurray! The event is done and it's a huge success! Isn’t it the happiest thing to say, being an event organizer? But sometimes you mistakenly credit the wrong things for success. It can cause your subsequent occurrences to be less successful. Utilizing an event management tool will enable you to assess the event's success (or failure) and draw important conclusions. The majority of event planners must have access to information on item sales, ticket sales, leads, costs, and revenues since they are under pressure to demonstrate ROI. The reports will be very beneficial to you when it comes to securing event sponsorship, in addition to teaching you how to save costs, avoid mistakes, and magnify positive results at future events of a similar nature. Making a budget and keeping track of costs and income can be simpler with event management software that includes financial capabilities. You may frequently receive unforeseen payments that they fail to record because they are forgetful or sluggish. It will result in inconsistencies in event accounting and give us a lot of difficulties. Every event planner wants to keep tabs on their sales so they may launch marketing efforts as needed.

Manage Multiple Events Simultaneously and duplicate the success

Do you want to manage multiple events in a hassle-free way but feel it as super difficult to handle? No, magic won't help you, but an event management tool can make it easier for you to effectively manage a number of events. Different events within an organization can be managed by designated event admins and collaborators. Workflows are used to set up and automate the majority of processes. Once your approach has been determined and laid out, you can automate task completion by establishing processes. All you have to do is add data and changes, keep track of the progress of your events, and look at analytics. Nobody wants to start from zero with every event planning assignment they undertake, let's face it. With the help of an event management platform, you may recreate the success of a previous event using workflows, settings, and a pre-established framework that has been saved. It's important to standardize your event planning and administration procedures so that any event team inside your company may use them for every event and consistently produce high-quality outcomes.


As was already said, event planning and administration now rely heavily on applications and software for managing events. They are undoubtedly being utilized by your colleagues in the event industry to elevate events. You'd better start searching through the numerous apps and pieces of software on the market to find the one that best suits your requirements if you want to stay competitive. Even if that in and of itself is a difficult endeavor, you just need to keep one thing in mind. When it comes to event management tools, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Keep your options open until you have used the apps and discussed your needs with the sales team, even if an offer seems appealing. You can give a chance to Wiztales, who can manage your whole event with smart plans. As they have all in one event management platform and smart event management system!

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