5 Tips to Use Event Technology for Your Corporate Event

Team Wiztales
December 26, 2022
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You may be well aware of how much brainstorming and preparation are required for corporate events. The appropriate event technology may help you transform a huge task into a pleasurable experience for everyone, even the people in charge of organizing and executing it to be a success, whether you're launching a new product or greeting a new group of hires, investors, etc for a significant expansion. Many people would be surprised to learn that conducting an event online or employing event technology services might really make the task simpler and increase the chances of it being a successful event. It's time to level up if you haven't thought about corporate events, researched event technology integrations, or are otherwise unfamiliar with the numerous tools available in the modern world.

How to use event technology to elevate business events?

It's time for a change if you're prepared to make your corporate event a smart, efficient machine that makes it simple for you to organize and host successful events wherever in the world. You require technology that can grow and adapt to any format. It may support both online and offline events, with smooth and bug-free tools that make it easy to issue invitations, register participants, check guests in, direct traffic both physically and digitally, and flawlessly produce webinars and replays. In order to get feedback on improving future events, there must be systems in place to follow up with your visitors, collect event data, evaluate it, and produce the appropriate reports. It's not the simplest thing to do, but delivering a distinctive experience to the event throughout the world requires a personalized mix of in-person and virtual elements. But the pivots that follow can assist you in getting there. 

Here are the tips to use event technology for your corporate event.

1. Company promotion in between the events.

You can use your corporate event to advertise your companies products and services in addition to what the event is being held for, it can also help increase your other products' visibility and help generate leads, interest, awareness, etc

2. Utilize Technology to Its Fullest

You need a few fundamental forms of technology to get there, regardless of who you are or what your ambitions are. Your event management tools should, at the very least, include:

 A) A means for visitors to manage all of their events while on the go. You need an app for everything, from managing personal calendars to connecting with peers and sponsors to getting information from anywhere.

B) A tool that aids in managing events from close by and a distance, making adjustments as needed, and monitoring the event's progress in real-time

C) a scanner that allows you access to various applications and technologies for QR codes. This facilitates interaction with associates, partners, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and more. To stay on the right side of the law, all data must be encrypted and adhere to GDPR.

3 Empower digital ticketing and sales to give guests and hosts more influence.

Printed tickets? Online invites? faulty codes that only function 50% of the time? Confusing login information that causes delays or excludes individuals entirely? hmm, thanks a lot. This is not 2001. Instead, you require ticketing and registration systems that enable you to make tickets, register users, and control traffic. They must permit discounts and coupons, be properly connected with your website and events page, and operate without a hitch on the big day.

4. Obtain suggestions and data for the following time.

It is crucial to make sure you collect a ton of information-rich data regarding how your event went. You require complete statistics on attendance, popular portions, who selected which panels or presentations, and where hiccups occurred. This will enable you to address minor issues in your future corporate event and produce an even more faultless performance the next time. Your corporate events platform will collect such information all along the way if you have the correct technologies. When you're ready to look at it, it will build and save it. Want to run the stats before sharing them with your team or management? The best event management software can assist you in that!

5. Switch to the smart event management platform

The most important point from this is that you should use event technology and automate various operations. Recent studies have found that owners are still suffering from inefficient and manual administrative procedures. As 2022 draws to a close, it has become a dream that more event planners will understand the value of unifying several event management processes on a single platform. It is important to not undervalue the power of event technology. Wizit, an in-person event management platform, offers a product suite that addresses hundreds of use cases and allows for integrations during in-person events to support intelligent data management. 

For whom is this technology made?

When it comes to corporate events, this is frequently the first query you may receive. At the risk of sounding trite, everyone, of course, is the solution. (Yes, studies realize that was a bit trite and British, but event organizers stand by it.) In reality, very few industries do not use their personal experiences to improve corporate events. For starters, it's a lot simpler to bring people together when you're not concerned about flights. Another way that technology and ideas for business events can assist you is:

A) Make smaller groups of people available for discussion in breakout rooms.

B) Create webinars that include participants and allow for later webinar replays.

C) Train huge groups of people, including volunteers and new hires.

D) Hold career fairs to introduce your cause too large groups of young professionals.

E) To increase the reach and effectiveness of your event, combine in-person and online encounters.

F) Host gatherings and sporting events.

So, returning to the original query, who benefits from such technology? 


A) marketing and sales: trade exhibitions, sponsorships, seminars, webinars, and annual sales launches

B) Graduations, commencements, staff training, and certification programs are examples of education and training.

C) Employee gatherings, HR meetings, community fairs, lunch and learns, and recruitment

D) professional athletic events, festivals, get-togethers, and concerts

E) Charity gatherings, fundraising galas, and community service activities are all examples of philanthropy.

F) Corporate event: a focal point serving as a virtual office for any industry

So now you are aware of the winners. But how can you leverage event technology to enhance both your remote and in-person interactions? How can modern technology work in tandem with enduring human interaction to provide your audience with the finest experience possible?

Currently, are you prepared to step up your corporate events? There are certain features to look for in your event management app before choosing one. Are you anticipating better hiring, more successful fundraising, more enjoyable conferences, etc? Wizit is a platform for managing live events. In-person event management platforms, venues, webinars, learning management, and more are all part of their cutting-edge, cloud-based product portfolio, which is geared toward businesses looking to connect their audiences. The event management platforms have top-notch customer support teams devoted particularly to each client and are accessible worldwide and in every time zone.

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