Top 5 virtual event management companies in India
Team Wiztales
July 15, 2022

Event management as an industry has evolved largely in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, the on-ground events had been shelved due to the pandemic, and it eventually resulted in the boom of the ‘virtual event Industry.’ 

Event management companies play a vital role in event industries, and along with the events, the management companies also evolved into the virtual world. Virtual event management companies are event management consultants/companies who manage and help their clients in organising successful events.

Their role starts with planning and extends to collecting feedback which implies that they have the full project management in their hands. They have become the most important partners to organise the virtual event as they research and provide information on the audience, strategise promotion and marketing, produce the event and execute the event plan in real-time. 

In total, virtual event management companies make the process of organizing events easy for the organization by taking charge of all the important tasks. They also collaborate with the virtual event platform/software to plan, set up, and execute the event smoothly and effortlessly.

Top 5 virtual events management companies in India to partner with for your next virtual events

1.Showcase events

Showcase events provide end-to-end solutions for virtual and hybrid events. They have been in the industry for a very long time and have a highly experienced team who can bring their client's vision into reality. 

They have worked with many companies across India and have organised various events, including corporate events, award functions, entertainment events, exhibitions, and other events. Their expertise is in creating innovative event concepts and designing meticulous work plans.

2.Yash infosystems

Yash infosystems provide networking solutions, telecommunication services and HD event organisation and management services across pan India. Their expertise is in building the event set-up and other necessary event web services, which are highly integrative and customisable. 

They provide perfect event solutions that completely serve their clients' needs and requirements. They also render comprehensive event technology solutions for all types of events, including corporates, hospitals, government organisations, defence expos and others.


YDRA events is an event management and audio-visual service provider company. They have a varied client base and have the expertise to tackle every need and demand of any industry. Their main expertise is to build customised and innovative event solutions to events, from small intimate gatherings to large-scale events for clients. 

They are also a pan Indian event management company with various branches across India. They have a splendid team that can provide extraordinary event solutions to every kind of event, including corporate, exhibitions, fairs, product launches, etc.

4.GPJ India

GPJ India is one of India's leading event and experience marketing agencies. It is a subsidiary of GPJ worldwide, which is only of the leading event management company globally. 

Their expertise is in enabling an end-to-end, scalable digital experience that drives the desired results for their clients. They follow mixology, a process of combining and balancing various ingredients to produce memorable and engaging event experiences.

5.Pegasus events

Pegasus is a pan Indian event management company that provides the best and most cost-effective virtual event solutions to their clients. Their expertise is providing consultancy on what works best for their client’s event and what can be planned to derive the maximum return from the events. 

Over their long years of experience, they have managed large and small events, fairs, conferences, PR campaigns of all kinds, exhibitions, etc. They are highly capable of pulling off any conceivable type of event handily.


You can find several event managers across India; we have helped you locate a few major virtual event management companies that are pioneers in the event industry.  If you are looking for the best event management platform, check Wiz365.

Collaborate with Wiz365, an intelligent, all-in-one virtual event organiser in India, for your next event and effortlessly provide your participants with an immersive and fascinating event experience!

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