10 Features to Look for When Selecting an Event Management App

Team Wiztales
December 2, 2022
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The global events sector is being significantly disrupted by smart technology. According to a poll conducted in early 2021, a staggering 80% of event planners utilize personalized mobile event applications to increase audience reach and awareness. Current event planners are aware of the benefits of digital event management software. The pressure is on event technology companies to develop software platforms that actually provide value to event planners given the intense competition and the volume of corporate events. One can switch to an all-in-one event management platform that can provide you with all your requirements. The important features to look for when selecting an event app in this article.

10 Features to look for When Selecting an  Event Management App

  • Secure ticketing for events
  • Live event statistics and on-site check-ins
  • An Event app should be customizable
  • Assurance of data security
  • Modern technology and ease of data access
  • Best possible visibility for sponsors
  • Personalized branding and white/labeled events
  • Option to scout potential leads and networking possibilities
  • Real-time analysis should be present in an event app
  • Smart audience Polls and Surveys

Secure ticketing for events

The majority of a business event's earnings come from ticket sales. Therefore, a digital event management app must provide quick and simple ticketing and session registration alternatives. From the backend, event organizers should be able to rapidly list their tickets. Transparency with regard to costs or fees is also crucial. Additionally, there should be possibilities for listing various ticket types, providing discounts and special offers, and providing complete transparency on the payout structure.

Live event statistics and on-site check-ins

Any high-profile event, meeting, or conference attendee data yields a wealth of insightful information. It should come as no surprise that event organizers are increasingly searching for systems with integrated "deep reporting." These platforms allow event planners to keep track of all event data, track metrics that are working well (and those that aren't), and make decisions based on those metrics. It is crucial that all attendee data is synced in real-time. Additionally, the event planning software should offer easy-to-use capabilities for onsite check-in. There should never be any issues when people register at the venue.

An Event app should be customizable

Any event, whether it be B2B or not, must have greater awareness and high levels of engagement in order to succeed. The best tool for attaining these goals is a mobile event app. However, many event planners hesitate to construct an app because doing so from scratch (with all the necessary code) is likely to require a significant amount of time and money. Here is when event management platforms start to be valuable. These platforms frequently come with an integrated event app builder that allows users to create fully functional, dynamic, and information-rich event applications in a couple of hours. Additionally, no coding should be required; instead, organizers should be able to add features with a few clicks or drag-and-drop operations. The event app should provide comprehensive support for the end user, including registrations, map views, updated event info, surveys, ratings, push alerts (including weather updates on event days), networking, and 1-on-1 appointment booking (i.e., the attendees).

Assurance of data security

The hazards of data theft and hacking are rising along with the exponential growth of big data in relation to conferences and events. Event organizers may stop worrying about hackers, phishing scams, and/or hazardous software by using a fully secure event management tool. Additionally, using digital platforms with minimum system downtimes (functioning 99% of the time) makes sense for event marketers. Of course, vendors must offer the planners round-the-clock guidance and support. 

Modern technology and ease of data access

It's wise to invest in event technology, but it's not wise to blow a lot of cash on outdated equipment. It must be supported by the most recent, cutting-edge technology tools and resources in order to be labeled as an "excellent" and "reliable" event planning tool. For the data to be useful to the organizers, the 24x7 attendee tracking and reporting tools must be in real-time and exceptionally precise. Visitors should also be able to easily and rapidly access all kinds of current event information. A platform should also enable offering different guests "customized views of the event."

Best possible visibility for sponsors

Partners and sponsors provide more than just money to an event. A major business partner frequently lends an additional degree of credibility, which can increase attendance and ticket sales. Therefore, it makes sense that these businesses would demand proper representation and visibility in exchange, both through the event marketing channels and on-site (on event days). As a result, it is crucial that an event platform allow for the addition of sponsors' data and contact information (along with pictures, logos, and other visual elements). It should also be made very clear if the sponsors fall into different categories.

Personalized branding and white/labeled events

A B2B conference is put together by an event organizer for hundreds of dollars. Many international event hosts prefer to deal with white-labeled solution providers, where the event software's name and logo are never mentioned and the app and website are fully customized with the event's identity. Everything on the platform needs to be easily adaptable, from the visual components to the event material and social media feeds.

Option to scout potential leads and networking possibilities

To ensure that every guest has a rich, worthwhile, comprehensive event experience, planners collaborate with event management tools. That also applies to the exhibitors and sponsors, for whom the event planners typically seek out strong lead scanning and lead retrieval services. The leads should be directly classifiable and qualifiable on the platform itself, and filtered, high-quality lead information should be delivered to the exhibiting participants. Like-minded attendees would naturally establish profitable business relationships with the aid of event software that enables speedy lead scanning and lead capture.

Real-time analysis should be present in an event app

It's critical to keep an eye on the event management platform's effectiveness to see whether it truly succeeded in expanding the event's reach. The total amount of app installs, website hits, networking analytics, and conversion rates should all be displayed in real-time in the admin panel. The complete revenue and ticket sales numbers ought to be visible right on the platform. With the aid of these statistics, event marketers may adjust and put into action their strategies more effectively.

Smart audience Polls and Surveys

90% of event planners believe polls and surveys are the most effective tools for increasing audience participation. Between sessions, live polls or surveys might be added to keep the audience interested in the speaker. In addition to gathering feedback on sessions, they can also be used to learn what participants think about and provide feedback on event choices. Include it in real-time projections to display results immediately.

As discussed in the above article, an event app should contain the above features and more when selecting a meeting & event app. Wiztales is the organization that can manage all your event managing chaos as they have already served more than 150 clients through their smart ideas and innovative digital solutions. For the simple reason that if your attendees are satisfied, they will both return next year and spread the news about the event, you as the event organizer must have questioned yourself numerous times about how to provide them with the finest experience possible. An event management app could be the start of your event which can turn out your event into a blockbuster, so you should always keep in mind the required features in an app.

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