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5 best event destinations for your corporate events

Team Wiztales
September 27, 2022
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The most prominent question that arises once a corporate event is fixed is, 'where will the corporate event be held?' Typically destination is the first thing that comes up in event planning. Choosing the perfect destination that is aligned with the theme/objective of the corporate event will have a massive impact on its overall success. 

Further, choosing an event destination comes with other common questions like - should it be near the office location, a location convenient to the speaker or a happening place to make it feel like a retreat. Will the place be set within the budget, what to do about the hospitality and travel, and how long it takes to plan the event are significant considerations when choosing the event destination?

To help you through these questions, we have listed key points to consider when choosing a destination for corporate events and compiled the five best destinations for the events today. 

Key considerations when choosing the destination

1) Event goals

Every event has its own goals and objectives. It can be an annual general meeting, expos, product launches, employee retreat, board meeting, customer appreciation banquet, or town hall event. Choosing the best destination is important to make the event stand out and be memorable. The destination should be aligned with the event's overall vision and central objectives.

2) Event Date

The event date and the time available to plan the event play a significant role. If the preparation and planning time is limited, the selection of far off destinations will not give a hand. And the day also plays a major role. If it's a weekday, then venue costs might be economical. So date and day, along with the budget, play an influential role. 

3) Geography

After the event goal, data and time, geography or the place play a vital role. If the event is in the summer, you can't choose Dubai. If it is in the winter, we can't select Alaska. So it is essential to check the climatic conditions and geography of the prospective destination. 

4) Travel and accommodation

If the event destination is far from the office location, you have to consider the participants' travel and accommodation. The destination should also have better connectivity to the event venue through flights or other transportation. The event budget again plays a major role here. How much money can be spent on travel and accommodations should be decided first, so it becomes easy to stick to the destination that can be covered at the stipulated cost. 

5) Guests and participants' interest

Most importantly, event planners should consider the guests' and participants' interests. You can do a quick reach and check what they are expecting and then decide the destination. 

Five best event destinations for your corporate events in 2022

1) Dubai, UAE


With a country full of enriching architecture and geographically convenient location, Dubai has the best event venues, transportation and accommodation facilities. Dubai has hosted many international governmental and business summits, conferences and meetings, and the city has the best ecosystem of airlines, venues and hostels. It is also said to be the best destination as it lies in the central part between the west and east. 

2) Banff, Canada


Banff will be the best choice for hosting a corporate event with spectacular scenery and pleasant surroundings. It is Canada's first national park, established in 1885. This place will be the best for organising board meetings, client, customer and employee appreciation banquets, or town hall events. For a long time, this has been a choice for corporate event destinations, and many international travellers arrive, and business events happen every year.

3)Anguilla, Eastern Caribbean

Anguilla, Eastern Caribbean

Anguilla in the eastern Caribbean is a recent skyrocketing event destination and steadily gaining appeal among the top businesses for their exclusive meetings and conferences. This island is famous for its hospitality with the additional beauty of its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. It has air connectivity from Europe, Latin America and North America. 

4) Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If your guests' and participants' interests lie in history, art, culture and mountains, without doubt, Santa Fe should be your event destination. With a rich native American culture, delicious food, many art galleries and museums, and a spectacular backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo rock mountains, it makes the corporate event incredible. It has the best accommodation and airline services. 

5) Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is known as the powerhouse in international commerce. Bangkok is the most economical choice for corporate events when compared to western destinations. Bangkok has pleasant weather throughout the year, making it the most popular choice for business meetings. It has all the necessary amenities, luxury, and transportation facilities to host successful corporate events. 

The Wrap 

The destination is going to be the stronghold for corporate events. Selecting the destination is undoubtedly above please the eyes of the guests and participants. It's about the comfort, luxury, needs and goals of the corporate event. 

If you are planning your next corporate event, do reach out to us.

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