5 Reasons Altyug Can Be The Best Metaverse Platform For Your e-commerce Brand

Team Wiztales
January 16, 2023
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The metaverse will be essential to the growth of marketing and business in the future. As the metaverse is still in the early stages of development, it is difficult to say exactly how it will alter the e-commerce business. You can use this virtual, three-dimensional world now, without having to wait for it to fully manifest. It can be connected with customers, sell goods and network with other businesses using the metaverse and the technology that supports it. The way that businesses operate and how consumers act are being changed by the metaverse.

Let's get a deep dive-in to know metaverse

People are still trying to comprehend the idea of the metaverse and how it will impact the future of e-commerce, and there is still a lot to learn about it. In a word, the metaverse can be compared to a parallel virtual world that has areas of online spaces where users, who are represented by virtual avatars, can connect with one another and engage in a variety of other activities including shopping, trading, and travel. The merging of the virtually augmented physical world and the physically persistent virtual world is what gives rise to the metaverse. You must employ both augmented and virtual reality with the aid of specialist headsets and smart glasses in order to access this virtual environment.

Through the use of computer-generated data, augmented reality improves the perception of the real environment. Virtual reality, meanwhile, also uses computer-generated input to submerge viewers in a virtual world. The metaverse will eventually become an alternate reality for people to exist in as it continues to grow. Others can engage in the same things they do offline in this virtual environment, plus more: they can engage in digital shopping and interact with people who are thousands of miles away. However, the switch to metaverse technology can take a while. The process might take 10 years, it’s a huge time period, but given the hype surrounding it, it’s safe to assume that the metaverse is closer to us than we assume. Metaverse is a whole new thing that can take your e-commerce brand to the next level. To help your business, Wiztales, a metaverse company working from the past 3 years has developed a metaverse platform, Altyug, for B2B platform to access from anywhere, focused on creating life-like events.

But, why you should switch your business to Altyug, below listed are the main 5 reasons Altyug can be the  best metaverse platform for your e-commerce brand:

1. Stronger Community Engagement

E-commer customers are more powerful than any other marketing method. You may create a more symbiotic relationship with customers by giving them the freedom to actively take part in your company's activities. This keeps you in touch with what customers want from your business. The metaverse has created new options for brands that wish to bring more of their customers under one (virtual) roof, replacing the need for PR activations and influencer events that marketers previously relied on. The COVID-19 epidemic and the need to engage customers online have fueled the expansion of virtual shopping and gamified digital experiences. Before choosing to purchase a brand, consumers must have a connection to it. However, there isn't much advertising done through slogans and quick commercial videos. On the other hand, the metaverse proposes to take users on a personal tour of the worlds of companies, making them active participants in the creation of the brands' narratives and identities.

2. Creation of Avatars

With the ability to fully modify and build full-body avatars, you may enjoy the metaverse in a way that is genuinely you. Create avatars that are your digital twins. Avatars are quickly becoming a popular way to express yourself and explore the metaverse. Whether you’re looking to create an avatar for gaming, virtual events, or just for fun, these creators have the tools and expertise to make it happen. With their help, you can explore the metaverse in a way that is uniquely yours. You can create Avatar through Altyug as it is one of the best platforms as a metaverse for brands.

3. Personalized Shopping

For businesses, personalization is the secret to success. Customized items are extremely popular with consumers. Several tools already allow customers to alter things. By enabling clients to personalize and adapt the products as per their needs, eCommerce behemoths are already utilizing product personalization. The metaverse will increase product personalization and open up new opportunities. Customers will be able to customize products and interact with them in real-time through virtual experiences. The way online businesses function will change significantly as a result. However, in e-commerce, personalization frequently ends with product recommendations or discounts. This might increase conversions, but it doesn't entice buyers to explore your brand's ecosystem and engage with the community that supports your product catalog.

4. Customer Interaction

One area of the online business landscape where the metaverse has the potential to disrupt is how consumers engage with companies and products. A 3D virtual environment where users may interact with virtual objects and other users will replace the current 2D standard product websites. This will increase consumer interaction with brands and goods to a point where it is almost as high as in-person buying. Customers' purchase decisions will be significantly influenced by such an intensely immersive product experience. It will also enhance the pre- and post  purchasing experiences of the clients through various new virtual touchpoints. For instance, businesses can showcase their products in use, by using virtual objects from the metaverse. With the help of Altyug, B2B brands can create a more interactive experience for their customers. This metaverse platform allows customers to interact with the brand in a virtual environment. By using it, B2B brands can provide customers with an immersive experience that is tailored to their needs which can also enable B2B brands to collect valuable customer data and use it to better understand customer references and behaviour. 

5. You Can Showcase and Market Your Products/Services.

Currently, companies employ augmented reality to show customers how their products look and work. Using augmented reality, people may select furniture that will fit in their homes and try on clothing. The utilisation of AR technology aids in persuading customers who are undecided about your products. Shoes can be a wonderful example. Customers who are unsure of whether the shoes will look good on them totally may be enticed to your online store. In addition to shoes, customers can use augmented reality (AR) technology to try on dresses, jeans, and other clothing items. The technology allows consumers to test your products out firsthand, giving them more confidence to put them in their baskets and check them out.


Concluding to the above-given text, Metaverse will be the new world in the future that can turn your B2B business into a new world. Through blockchain, NFTs, and extended reality, the metaverse is set to bring about a fundamental change in the eCommerce environment. The shopping experience will become much more engaging, immersive, and individualised as a result. The Altyug-metaverse platform focuses on creating a virtual world full of immersive experiences, allowing users to explore, create and collaborate with others. With its advanced technology, it can enable users to enjoy a variety of activities in its virtual environment, such as playing games, attending concerts and conferences, and even shopping for goods. This metaverse platform can provide an engaging platform for everyone who wants to experience a life-like event from the comfort of their own home.

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Team Wiztales
Founded in 2018, Wiztales is the world's fastest-growing Event Tech Platform. We empower organisations by merging the excitement of live events with the panache of the virtual world to create unparalleled event experiences for global audiences. With multiple product lines, Wiz365 a virtual and hybrid platform for organising virtual events, Wizit an In-person DIY Event experience app, and Altyug, an eCommerce and events metaverse, Wiztales aims at empowering organisations to create unparalleled experiences for global audiences. Over the last 3 years, we have helped 150+ brands execute 1000+ virtual events with the viewing participation of around 1 million users. Wiztales emerges as India's Best Virtual Events Platform at Wow Awards Asia 2022
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