5 points to keep in mind before choosing a virtual event organiser company in India

Team Wiztales
July 15, 2022
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Organizing an event needs a hundred of work to be wrapped at the backend. And when you are planning a virtual event, requires more accurate planning as it depends highly on the coordination of technology and the human resources that execute them. 

Organizing virtual events can become a much easier task if you partner with the right virtual event organizer, who would guide you through making the event successful with their expertise.

While you concentrate on your brand, sponsor, content, and guests, the virtual event organizer will be focused on audience research, audience experience, sponsor ROI, and data collection. 

Virtual event organizers will extend their support from the stage of ideating, planning, and marketing to organizing, executing, coordinating, and reporting the virtual events.

The scope of a virtual event organizer in running a successful event is very high, and it is essential to make sure you choose the right virtual event organizer who will serve all your needs. 

In this article, we have listed five main points that you need to keep in mind while choosing your virtual event organizer.

What is the role of virtual event organizers?

Virtual event organizers have the expertise and experience to set up and organize a successful virtual event handily They take care of events from conceptualization, organizing, and production to marketing, promotion, event day arrangement, data analytics, reports, and follow-ups. 

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Their main focus will be on making the event a more worthful and enriching experience for the audience. As organizers, they will also help plan and execute the event to create hyper-personalized and engaging experiences for the participants at an economical cost. 

The role of virtual event organizers, along with offering support and consultation, it also provides its back in building creatives ideas to make your content more engaging, promoting and marketing strategies, participants registering, setting up event remainders, practice sessions with hosts, guests, participants, and tech team, to be ready with a plan B on the event day if any friction occurs, follows up, report production and many more.

So to achieve all this, you need the best virtual event organizer who understands your event objectives and needs and can assist you entirely in making your event successful and attaining desired results. 

The five main points to remember when choosing the virtual event organizer

1. Do they own a virtual event platform?

The essential need to host a virtual event is the virtual event platform. It is the tool that acts as the destination where a virtual event runs. It is where we host our content, connect and engage with the audience and let the audience interact with our content and connect with fellow participants.

So the event organizers must possibly own a virtual event platform where they can help us host the program. If they don’t own one, they should have active collaborations or associations with external virtual event platforms in which we can organize events with full customization in a cost-efficient way, 

2. Will they have an active part in marketing and promoting the event?

Event organizers should have an active part in marketing and promoting the event. They should team up with the internal event team of the company and build a strong marketing and promotion strategy. 

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They must help you with audience research and provide data on their past events to build the best strategies. They should be taking care of participants' registration and integrating that data into the platform. Post-registration communication with the audience is vital, and they should plan in-depth reminder messages. 

In the same way, the organizers should take charge of the post-event communication, from collecting feedback and data to sending out pictures, certificates and other giveaways along with thanks notes.

3. Are they providing training and rehearsal sessions?

As virtual events need effective coordination between the tech team, hosts, guests, and the backend team, the organizers should provide training sessions and rehearsals. Virtual event rehearsals can give confidence to guests and reduce the risk of last-minute tech glitches. If the rehearsals are recorded, they can be used as a backup for the event day. If something fails, the recorded program can be telecasted live. 

4. Is their event platform open to integration, automation, and customization?

The event platform the organizers collaborate on or own should have the option to integrate other third-party software, tools, apps, and plugins that help organize the event effortlessly. Integrating payment gateway, gamification features, heatmap, and session recordings, CRMs, and other software are very vital.

Automation is also a significant feature in virtual event platforms. Automations help organizers and planners save lots of time and other resources. Automation can help collect data, open session gateways, create event pages, set event reminders, and structure the event flow easily.

Customization is the essential component of a virtual event platform. The virtual event platform should have the option to add all the necessary branding elements of the company to boost brand awareness among the participants. From brand style, tone, flyers, company messages, and e-banners, there should be scope for conveying the company message in every part of the event.

5. Do they have a solid backend team?

The top corporate event organizer should have an expert backend team who can work along with your in-house team to produce the best event. It includes support and consultancy for stable technology, content planning, and production and event platform training. 

The back-end expert team must be highly agile in hosting the event as planned on the event day. They must be able to give quick solutions to participants, planners, hosts, guests and the tech team if anything goes out of the plan. They should gather data and provide real-time, in-depth analytics and reports on the event's performance at the end. 

Wrapping up

The virtual event organizer should have a highly experienced and agile team who will give all their 100% to deliver the best engaging and enriching event experience to the participants. Participant satisfaction is the core desired result, and it can be achieved effortlessly by partnering with the perfect corporate event organizer in India. 

Use these five pointers to cross-check with your virtual event organizers' values and analyze how they can help you organize a successful event.

If you are looking for an all-in-one 3D virtual event platform, which can help you plan, market, execute and coordinate your virtual event effectively, check Wiz365 - A state of art virtual events platform by Wiztales. 

Collaborate with Wiz365, a top virtual event organizer in India, for your next event and effortlessly provide your participants with an immersive and fascinating event experience!

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