The benefits of using Wizit to Enable Event Registration

Team Wiztales
January 20, 2023
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Are you letting your audience be registered manually for the event? Do you use an event management platform for events? According to studies and event marketing statistics, 92% of marketers believe that event software makes it simpler to produce successful business results. Many people get this impression since they have planned events without using many event management platforms. They have firsthand knowledge of overcoming obstacles. Currently, they may choose from a large number of event registration software solutions that can assist them with everything from building online forms to delegating chores to team members. We'll go through the main benefits of using Wizit to enable event registration. We'll demonstrate how it can help your company save time and money that can be used to attract more attendees and host an amazing event. Below listed are the benefits of using Wizit to enable event registration:

1. More Convenience for Everyone

Today, convenience is the one thing that all customers cherish. 97% of consumers, according to Consumer View research, have canceled a purchase because it was inconvenient for them. If there is one thing that event software excels at, it is making registration easier for both your employees and your attendees. Attendees can sign up independently using online registration forms rather than speaking with a representative from your business or going through the laborious procedure of printing off the form, filling it out by hand, and sending it. Conditional logic is another feature that such event registration software offers, allowing participants to only fill out the fields that apply to them. It operates using simple if-then logic. The straightforward rule you might include in your forms: "If the person replies in the affirmative, present them with a sliding scale that they must use to respond.

2. Centralized Data Management

With the use of event management software like Wizit in event registration, event planners can compile all event-related information online in a single area. Information on participants, presenters, sponsors, dates, the location, and everything else you need to keep track of to efficiently plan and manage an event are included in this: Furthermore, this database is simple to navigate, in contrast to certain excel sheets. That's because it can be accessed through a single online interface and since most platforms let you use tags and tables to logically organize your data. Additionally, the platform is designed expressly to gather event data, so many of the categories you'd want to use are already present.

You may find the data you require by using search, filtering, or reporting features including pre-built or customised reports. You might run a report to find the names of the speakers who have not yet responded to you with their speech titles if you were curious about which speakers it is. Additionally, this navigability makes it simple to modify data when necessary. If a speaker, for example, contacts you to inform you that they are changing the title of their speech, you could quickly search for their name in the platform, locate the appropriate record, and make the adjustment right away. While utilising Wizit has the benefit of automatically sending event data there.

3. Less Complex Communication

When organizing an event, many different people handle a variety of tasks, and they frequently rely on help from other team members to advance their specific objectives, which alter at each point of the preparation timeline: Because of this intricacy, there is a high potential for misunderstandings or, as is frequently the case, good interactions that are noticed by a team member and then quickly forgotten as soon as new problems appear that they feel must be dealt with first.

4. Attract guests from abroad

Making your event registration process as convenient and comfortable for your international guests as it is for your other guests is crucial if you're hosting events that are open to attendees from around the world, whether they will attend in person or virtually, or simply events that will draw attendees who speak a different primary language. Typically, event registration software comes with a few tools that can assist you in carrying out this task. To begin with, the majority of software platforms enable you to allow your attendees to complete their registration forms in their native tongue. As a result, the language barrier will cause fewer prospective attendees to withdraw from the process. Ask potential software suppliers which languages their online forms support if this multi-language feature is crucial to your organization for a particular set of languages. A digital point-of-sale system that can process the event payment in several currencies and formats is frequently included in registration systems in addition to numerous languages, allowing clients to pay using ways they are accustomed to and comfortable with.

5. Personalization as Brand Promotion

It's important to provide a consistent and expert registration process for your attendees. They need to feel confident that they are dealing with a reliable company. If not, they can abandon the form. According to the report, users abandoning online forms most frequently had security concerns (29% of respondents). Therefore, it's crucial to demonstrate that you are working with the same business from beginning to end of the checkout process.

6. Access to priceless real-time information

When selecting your best event management platform, be sure that important event data can be backed up and presented in dashboards in an intuitive manner. Real-time data facilitates quick decision-making. To achieve your targeted goals, gather information during the course of your event and make strategic decisions at each stage. In accessing your real-time information software like Wizit can be the best choice.

7. Increase event attendance participation

All the tools you need to interact with your audience are included in the best event management app. To keep your attendees interested, you might email registration confirmations or additional information about the event sessions prior to the event. Use contactless technology with real-time data input at physical events to improve interactions and track your progress with event management software. You can utilize live chat capabilities to solicit comments during a virtual or hybrid event, and you can even use an interactive virtual product showcase.


Your event planning team and company will benefit greatly from using event management software. It can facilitate registration, improve communication, simplify data management, and do so much more. The software's ability to handle all of your team's previous administrative and repetitive tasks, such as data entry, is by far its most significant feature. This frees up your team members to work on things that have a greater impact and are more satisfying for them alone, like developing an event promotion strategy. Software in this sense awakens skills in your team members that may have lain dormant. With features like email integration and social media integration, an online event registration system can improve your marketing initiatives. If this sounds appealing to you, learn more about Wizit, an intuitive event registration tool that can assist you in organizing any type of corporate event, including in-person trips, online conferences, and everything in between. Make sure you choose an online event registration software provider such as Wiztales who has developed a platform like Wizit that can offer you and your attendees the advantages listed above to take your business to a next level.

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