3 team building activities you can do in corporate events
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July 15, 2022

Creating a strong team involves a lot more actions than hiring the most competent and passionate employees. Once a team is created, it should focus on building good professional relationships among the members and grow them into a productive team. 

For a team to perform to their fullest, they need to be a sense of community and trust among members to work together efficiently. The team members need to communicate openly and feel comfortable with each other. 

Nowadays, with remote work culture, team building activities are essential to boost employee morale, build team connections and maximise productivity. 

As a virtual team, the scope to meet and bond is minimal. And this will directly affect the team's communication chain, which in the long run affects productivity. So virtual team building activities during corporate events are the best situation to break the distance and let the team members communicate, collaborate and build their team dynamics. 

3 team building

Importance of team building

With most companies taking up a hybrid work culture or employees split across multiple locations or remote teams, or employee work shifts, would have taken away the time to build a relationship within the team and also with other colleagues.  

With the pressure of project deliverables, without transparent communication or energy sharing, employees would start feeling burnout, primarily affecting productivity.

So, If you organise team-building activities with a defined purpose and objectives, it will benefit the organisation. The team-building activity can be anything from games, trivia, scavenger hunts, escape rooms or other activities, which will build a communication bridge between the employees and build a rapport among them.

We have listed the key benefits of team building activities -

  • Constantly working towards deadlines and work delivery can cause churn out and disengagement, so team building activities can help boost employee morale.
  • Team building activities promote open communication and coordination among the team members, which ultimately will promote workforce collaboration.
  • Team building activity helps the remote team get clear insights about ongoing projects, and it will help reinforce the positive work culture.
  • Team building activities challenge your team and bring out creativity and problem-solving skills, which in future will be helpful to boost creativity and productivity.
  • Team building activities help the employees identify their colleagues with shared professional interests and enable them to upskill together. 

The three most fun-filled and engaging team-building activities that can be integrated with virtual corporate events

QR Scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is a classic game played for ages and effectively used in team-building activities. Along with the revolutionalised work culture and Internet, it has also taken, the virtual mode. 

The QR scavenger hunt can be played using QR codes posted on unlisted web pages or social media pages. Participants can be given clues to find the QR codes. Once the participants see the first clue, they can scan the QR code and go for the next clue. 

QR scavenger hunts can be customised in various ways. You can convert the clues to find the QR codes as riddles, guides, equations, or any other official trivia quizzes. Teams can jointly solve the clues, and the team that reaches the final clue with maximum clues solved will win the activity.

Professional matchmaking

Professional matching is an AI-powered matching-making tool that helps create teams with the right mix of talent in corporate events based on shared skills and interests. It is a good networking opportunity and allows the participants to build relationships with fellow employees who share similar interests.

 It is the best option for the employees to expand their professional network. AI tool will create the teams after analysing the information that employees provided for their virtual event profile. After the teams are built, members can start a chat or video call with their members and network effortlessly.

Workplace jeopardy

Jeopardy is an inverted trivia game. It presents players with a set of answers and they have to match it with the correct question. For example, if players are given the statement,  “IT services industry was born in Mumbai in 1967,” they must match it with the question “when and where IT services  in India was found?” 

You can incorporate it into virtual events by changing to questions and statements related to work, the workplace and the organisation. It can help employees know about the organisation's history and will be a great game to understand fellow participants at a personal level.

Wrapping up

If team-building activities are built with proper goals that serve the organisation's interests and needs of the hour, they will result in increased productivity. Team building helps create strong workplace relationships, trust and solid communication channels between the teammates. There are plenty of creative, fun, and engaging team building activities when it comes to virtual events. 

We have listed down the three most engaging activities; we hope you can incorporate them into your future corporate events. 

Wiz365 is an intelligent, all-in-one virtual event platform with all the necessary features that will make the event engaging and memorable to the audience. It is a highly user-friendly platform which allows integration effortlessly. 

You can integrate third-party gamification and other features that can help you build an effective team. Request a demo now and give your innovative experience in the next corporate virtual event!

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