3 tips to make your product launch exciting with metaverse

Team Wiztales
September 14, 2022
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Just imagine how great it can be, if you launch your product in an entirely different world, specially built for your product launch, that too at an economical cost. Along with that, parallel, you can multiply your reach and attain the best ROI!

Brands are now leveraging metaverse technology and launching their products in the virtual world. With the metaverse, brands can provide a near-to-real experience, create a powerful first impression and allow the audience to experience the product right after the launch. 

In short, the experience of the in-person product launch in the comfort of home!

Though the medium of organising the product launch has changed and taken virtual mode, the efforts and planning need the same care and precision as an in-person event. With the metaverse platforms, there are now robust technologies, tools and SAASs that will support you in creating the best immersive experience for your audience. 

With the right platform, proper planning and enriching content, you can create a seamless, branded experience and launch your product. 

So, here are the three essential tips to enhance your metaverse product launch experience.


Tip 1 - Make the product launch incredibly immersive

You can build attractive and appealing 3D venues in the metaverse that instantly pull the attendees' attention and encourage them to explore the entire venue. It will let the audience know what has been planned and made available for them to experience during the event.

Make the event a wholesome immersive experience. From your venue, entertainment and fun to content, product presentation and demo, intensify them with 3D and other extended reality technology. You can add games, sponsor shops or other shopping experiences, expert sessions or entertainment events to make the product launch more exciting and entertaining.

Your audience, via their digital twin in your virtual world, can go to different rooms, communicate with each other, experience the product demo, play games, attend sessions, and even purchase the product or shop from the shopping booths.

You can also place polls, quizzes or riddles around the venue and let the audience solve them when they walk through the event venue. It will help the attendees feel involved and invested in the event. Add photo booths and social media walls, letting the audience share their experience live on their social media. 


Tip 2 - Help visitors experience the product

During the product launch, the participants wish to experience the product firsthand. Along with a presentation and session by the product launchers, you can let your audience experience the product in the metaverse.

If launching a product, add the 3D 360-degree product’s digital twin and functional architecture. You can also set up a booth to virtually test the product and add FAQs or a virtual assistant to explain the product in detail and resolve queries. Create a simulation of your product or a 3D video of it in action and how it will help the users to give a detailed understanding of the product. 

Tip 3 - Leverage social media

Be it any event, active marketing and advertising are essential to attract audiences. If you're hosting the product launch in the metaverse, you need a comprehensive targeted marketing campaign to promote your event. 

You must define your target audience and look for the scope if they understand metaverse events. Suppose your audience is new to technology; you need to tailor your marketing campaign to persuade them to participate and experience a new technology along with your product launch event. 

You can leverage social media to reach your target audience and post snippets of your metaverse avenue and other immersive content. Plan a social media campaign, start releasing the event details slowly, and invite users to register for the event.

You can also use email and SMS marketing to further invite your audience to the event. Post-registration, sending reminders and adding the event to their calendars are essential. 

Metaverse platform

Summing up

A product launch in the metaverse can be highly immersive, exciting and interactive, and feasibility even more enriching than an in-person launch event. 

Altyug, a metaverse platform with endless possibilities, offers everything you need to organise a highly immersive, engaging and memorable product launch in the virtual universe, which includes a 3D virtual venue, virtual showroom, an auditorium, shopping booths, game centre, limitless event rooms, real time communication features like messaging and calling, and much more.

With ahead planning, creativity and strong backend assistance from our experienced metaverse team, you can deliver a memorable product launch experience for your audience. 

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