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3 best places to host your corporate events in India

Team Wiztales
September 24, 2022
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From organising international business expos like Global Organic Expo 2022 to international sports events like the 44th Chess Olympiad, India is actively becoming one of the significant event hosts globally. With a perfect combination of culture, heritage and modern-day infrastructures, India can now accommodate large-scale internal and international corporate events. 

India's metropolitan and metropolitan equities have all the prerequisites and luxury to organise successful events, including splendid event venues, well-established transportation, hospitality services and event management corporates. 

India has many cities where you can organise your corporate event based on your requirements and needs. Here are the three main points that you need to consider when choosing an event destination in India.

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1) Geography -

India is generally believed to be a warm country, but each part of the country gets its rainy season at various times. While Mumbai gets rains during June and continues for the next three months, Chennai gets rains from October and ends by December. So, choose the destination based on the geographical and climatic conditions. 

2) Travel and accommodation -

You have to concentrate on the budget allotment for travel and accommodation. If you have limited financial resources, you can choose a destination nearer to your office; if not, you can explore other far-off options. Although all the major cities in India have well-connected transportation systems, you need to check their frequencies and availability and book things in advance.

3) Guests’ and participants' interests -

Most importantly, event planners should consider the guests' and participants' interests. You can do a quick reach and check what they are expecting and then decide the destination. 

So here are the three top locations in India where you can organise your corporate event and provide your attendees with an immense experience. 

1) Delhi -

Delhi is known as the event center of India, where thousands of events or organised every year, including corporate, intergovernmental, regional and international events. Delhi has many event venues which can accommodate a huge population. Delhi has the best transportation connectivity, and its airport is India's busiest airport. Delhi is a perfect combination of luxury and heritage, giving the event attendees a beautiful experience. The Pragati Maidan convention centre is one of the best corporate venues in the entire country. 


2) Mumbai, Maharashtra -

Mumbai is known as India's financial capital and is a famous metropolitan city globally. It hosts many international events and corporate events throughout the year. With magnificent modern buildings on one side and the lustrous Konkan coast on the other, Mumbai has been the headquarters for all the major business houses and corporations in India. Mumbai also has the best hotels, transportation facilities, and scenic event venues. The Taj Lands End in Mumbai is one of India's best event venues for corporate and social events. 

3) Bangalore, Karnataka -

Bangalore is one of India's fastest developing business cities. It will soon get its metropolitan status. Bangalore is regarded as the Silicon Valley of India and acts as the hub of large MNCs and IT corporations. The Lalit hotel chain's The Lalit Ashok hotel is the best venue for corporate events, with ample dedicated space for corporate events and conferences.

Summing up

The very basic need for a successful event is its venue and location. You can explore through the internet and effortlessly find grand venues. But the actual tasks start when planning enters the next stage. From getting the accommodation planned, registration, marketing and promotions to event day requirements like entry passes, networking and communication activities, security and data collection, it is quite an overwhelming and chaotic process. And that is why you need an event management technology like Wizit

Wizit is an agnostic in-person DIY event experience app that helps event organisers streamline the process of planning and organising in-person events, reducing their workload moderately. The inbuilt features of Wizit - ticketing and event check-in, live streaming, unified communication, lead scanning and networking make it the best companion for organisers, participants and sponsors.

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Team Wiztales
Founded in 2018, Wiztales is the world's fastest-growing Event Tech Platform. We empower organisations by merging the excitement of live events with the panache of the virtual world to create unparalleled event experiences for global audiences. With multiple product lines, Wiz365 a virtual and hybrid platform for organising virtual events, Wizit an In-person DIY Event experience app, and Altyug, an eCommerce and events metaverse, Wiztales aims at empowering organisations to create unparalleled experiences for global audiences. Over the last 3 years, we have helped 150+ brands execute 1000+ virtual events with the viewing participation of around 1 million users. Wiztales emerges as India's Best Virtual Events Platform at Wow Awards Asia 2022
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