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6 Reasons You Need One App for All Your In-Person Event Needs

Team Wiztales
October 17, 2022
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Creating a memorable experience for your attendees is paramount to the success of your event. You want them to walk away feeling like they got so much value from attending and can’t wait to come back again next time. To do that, you have to make sure you think of every little detail ahead of time. Those details could include: How will we check in attendees? How will we collect attendees photos and bios? How will we offer an interactive digital program with their schedule, speaker sessions, and more?— this blog post is going to go through each reason why you need one app for all your in-person event needs.

Check-in and Registration

Whether you’re doing traditional check-in at your event or using a mobile app check-in, the ability to use a single app for all your in-person event needs makes it easier to integrate check-in with your other features. You won’t have to integrate the app with separate registration and check-in systems for your event. Check-in is an essential part of any event. You might be wondering what’s the difference between traditional check-in and mobile app check-in. Traditional check-in usually means attendees write down their names, email addresses, and any dietary restrictions. With mobile app check-in, attendees can use your app to sign in using a unique login code. With traditional check-in, you need attendees to complete an attendee form ahead of time. With mobile app check-in, you can create a mobile attendee form through your app. You can also scan attendee badges to pull up their information, which is a great feature for larger conferences.

Digital Program with Speakers, Times, and More

The program of events is essential to the experience of any event. That’s why you need a digital experience to accompany your printed program. A digital program is great for two reasons: It can be updated at any time as needed, and attendees can easily search for the information they need. You can also give attendees the option to download an offline version of the program so they can have it on their phones. You can create a digital program for your event through a single app. You can do everything from adding speakers and their bios to listing the times of the sessions and breaks. It allows you to streamline your organization's workflow for the event. You can also use the app to collect attendees photos and bios. Bios and photos are a great way to get attendees invested in the experience. It also helps you get to know your attendees better, which can lead to increased engagement. You can put digital bios and photos on your digital program so attendees can see them while looking at the digital program.

Collect Attendee Photos and Bios

You want to make your event as interactive as possible. One way to do this is by engaging attendees with photos and bios. Photos are a great way to get people involved and help them get to know one another. You can ask attendees to upload a photo that represents who they are. Then, you can use that photo in the digital program, on name tags, and more. Bios are also a great way to get attendees engaged. They help attendees get to know one another, and they allow you to learn more about the people who are attending your event. You can collect attendees photos and bios through the same app you use for the program. You can also print out a physical copy of the program and name tags to use at the event. 

Offer an Interactive Experience

This is a pretty broad term, but it’s a great reason to use a single app for all your in-person event needs. You want to offer attendees an interactive experience, which can be accomplished through the use of your app. You can do this by giving attendees the ability to view photos and bios, explore event information, and more. You can also use the app to offer an interactive digital program that showcases your speakers, events, and more. This is a great way to engage attendees and show them that their experience is being thought of from every angle. You can also use the app to give people the opportunity to submit questions for the speakers or other attendees. This interactive event experience can be offered in your app and on the event website.

Organize Exhibitors and Sponsors

Another great reason to use a single app for all your in-person event needs is to make it easy to organize exhibitors and sponsors. This is a great way to showcase these important aspects of your event. You can create a digital map that highlights where each exhibitor is located. This can be done through the app, as well as on the event website. You can also put an interactive map on the website where attendees can easily click and see the location of each sponsor. This can help attendees navigate around your event space even easier. You can also use the app to make it easy for attendees to connect with exhibitors and sponsors. 

Bottom line

Event apps are not a one-time use thing. You can use the app for multiple events, which makes it even more valuable. You can also use the app for social media to make it easier for people to connect with your event and find the information they need. There are many great reasons to use a single app for all your in-person event needs. It allows you to streamline your organization's workflow for the event. It also allows you to engage attendees and make the event an interactive experience from every angle.

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