Altyug and in-house virtual conferences: what it means for corporates?

Team Wiztales
August 18, 2022
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It’s been two years since the pandemic, and it has altogether changed the way mobility and gatherings work. But as a good thing in a challenging phase, during the pandemic period, there were many technical and technological advances that helped us cope with the situation and continue living life at par. 

Though the world is resuming its regular good old days, we still carry with us the pandemic’s technological and digital advances. One of those is corporates working in remote/hybrid mode. Many corporates have shifted to employing talents across the world and letting them work remotely, few have shifted to hybrid working, and few have entirely transitioned into work from home mode. 

Remote working has its own advantages and disadvantages. To keep the team morale and work enthusiasm live, corporates started conducting in-house events and conferences virtually. Parallelly, the metaverse and virtual worlds as technology grew rapidly, and businesses and corporates started leveraging it to their benefit. 

Many corporates use the metaverse event platform to organise their in-house events and conferences. Hosting events in the metaverse event platforms allows them to create their realistic venues, accommodate participants globally and host the conference in a more practical, engaging and immersive way. 

Altyug is a web-based metaverse platform that supports corporates to organise virtual and hybrid events and conferences in an eminently immersive and customised way. With Altyug, the cost can create a near-to-real venue, and participants can create their avatars to participate realistically in the event. 

Events at Altyug are no less than any in-person events; every activity that happens during the in-person events can be incorporated into Altyug’s Metaverse worlds, including meetings sessions, networking spaces, sponsor booths, games and other fun activities. 

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Top features of Altyug that make corporate events extremely engaging and immersive

  1. Real-time Communication - The participants can walk around the event environment, go near their fellow colleagues and start conversing with them and build their network. Communication in the Altyug events happens in a near-to-real way in physical events. 
  2. Avatars and digital twins - Event participants can create full-body avatars; with that, they can walk, run, climb, jump, and communicate with their fellow participants.
  3. Intuitive interactions - Avatars in the Altyug platforms are enabled with multiple movements, custom animations and gestures like walking, chapping, running, dancing, etc.
  4. Gamification - Altyug has interesting inbuilt games and an integrated leaderboard, which will make the events highly engaging and entertaining. 
  5. Immersive Virtual Venues- Altyug allows the brands to design their virtual venue, duplicate their in-person/hybrid event place into 3D virtual form, or use our pre-designed readymade templates. Venus in the Altyug events can deliver a powerful, immersive and realistic experience to the users with multiple points of interaction.
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Altyug’s few tips on hosting the best corporates events in the metaverse

  • Plan the event well in advance, and our team will help you to set up the platform for your event day.
  • Training sessions are highly essential. Since the metaverse events are new to most of us, the host should organise training sessions with a few participants, speakers and exhibitors and how the flow of events is performing.
  • Include resources - With Altyug, corporates can integrate/upload any kind of multimedia or resource files. Be it a presentation, product display descriptions, contact cards, forms, videos or images, make sure you have uploaded them properly. Adding downloadable multimedia content will make the event more engaging.
  • Make it more realistic yet virtual - With Altyug, you can design the venue as your conference room yet add metaverse elements that will give it a unique feel. Make the venue, rooms, auditorium and other places photo-realistically true to reality.
  • Include as many as possible opportunities for networking - The core idea behind the in-house corporate events is networking and team stretching. Altyug has been designed with many networking and communication features like an exclusive networking room, games and leaderboard, and real-time communication options.
  • Set guardrails - Just as any other in-person or hybrid event, make sure you have strict parameters in check to limit the access (the target audience) and protection policy. 

Are you ready to host your next corporate in-house event in the metaverse?

While the metaverse is still in its nascent stage, the benefits are great and evolving every day. It helps the corporates in masking the remote work feel not so remote but definitely more engaging and interesting.

With the metaverse corporate events, the networking, interaction and collaboration will be as real and effective as in the in-person events. The geographical berries will be removed, and with Altyug’s exclusive features, it will be more fun and achieve the best ROI.

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Team Wiztales
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