Tips to Make a Virtual and Hybrid Event More Engaging

Team Wiztales
July 16, 2022
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Hybrid and Virtual events have gained a lot of popularity and the reason is obvious. They are offering audiences and hosts flexibility as well as opening doors to various creative ways to drive Return on Investment. It is a proud moment for all the corporates and event organizers as 86% of B2B companies saw a positive ROI from the hybrid events. 

While it must be a known fact by now as to how to drive engagement with virtual and hybrid events. Let us brush up on the facts once more and provide you with ways to drive engagement in hybrid and virtual events. 

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1. Keep it Easy

While hosting an online event make sure you are making it easy for the audience to engage. The fact is not hidden that many of us are hesitant to communicate in a room full of people. While virtual events are known to provide audience proximity and an easy flow of communication. The best way to encourage engagement is to keep it simple. Offer clear and easily structured ways for them to interact. You can;

Include Fun Activities- It is natural that an event sees a mix of various people. While some may love to attend a lecture or webinar, others would want to participate in the event. You can provide a fun or engagement zone for such audiences. Here, Wiz365 comes to your rescue, it brings for its folks an Entertainment or Fun Zone where people can compete and participate in online games. Also, this zone brings its audiences an AI Photo Booth where people can click themselves in places where they dream to be at. 

Create Groups for Discussion and Mingling- Wiz365 already brings for its crowd who find it difficult to speak up in a group of 100 others, Breakout and Networking rooms. People who want to discuss their point of view or just simply let out their thoughts can check into these rooms and get along. This way they can keep themselves charged and attentive for the meetup going on in the auditorium Slide.

2. Share Agenda Ahead of Time

Anyone attending the virtual or hybrid event would want to know what they are going for. No matter what the event is, it is always a smart move to share an agenda with the audience. Folks logging in to the event might find it uncomfortable and difficult to ask questions about the event and what links they should use to log in. 

Knowing which other activities along with the meetup are going to take place will always keep the audiences on edge and excited. Providing an agenda to the guests will ensure they stick around the event till the end and take any calls to action. This can really act as an interesting way to drive engagement in events.

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 3. Get the Best Hybrid/Virtual Event Platform

It’s critical to use a virtual event platform that understands your task and audience type. It is of ultimate importance that your online event platform has all the features to keep your event running smoothly for all the guests. 

In the virtual event industry, Wiz365 is known to host interactive virtual Conferences, Workshops, R&Rs, Exhibitions, Events, and Meetups that are tailored as per every audience requirement. It is the world’s most intelligent all-in-one 3D virtual event platform designed to host meaningful and interactive online events. World’s largest organizations like Flipkart, Amazon, Google, BNI, Hamleys, Capgemini, Mphasis, Mindtree, IKP, Royal Challengers, Bosch, Tata, and so many more use Wi365 to host their events. 

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Team Wiztales
Founded in 2018, Wiztales is the world's fastest-growing Event Tech Platform. We empower organisations by merging the excitement of live events with the panache of the virtual world to create unparalleled event experiences for global audiences. With multiple product lines, Wiz365 a virtual and hybrid platform for organising virtual events, Wizit an In-person DIY Event experience app, and Altyug, an eCommerce and events metaverse, Wiztales aims at empowering organisations to create unparalleled experiences for global audiences. Over the last 3 years, we have helped 150+ brands execute 1000+ virtual events with the viewing participation of around 1 million users. Wiztales emerges as India's Best Virtual Events Platform at Wow Awards Asia 2022
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