Is Metaverse Right For Your Event Strategy?

Team Wiztales
December 1, 2022
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Recently, the phrase "metaverse" has become the internet's go-to buzzword. Additionally, it's not only gamers or tech enthusiasts talking about it; big tech companies like Microsoft and Meta are also revealing numerous innovations in this area, making it abundantly evident that every industry and business should prepare for it. The metaverse is practically on everyone's radar, from multimillion-dollar real estate investments to planning musical events with well-known celebrities. The event business shouldn't be surprised that the metaverse will soon present opportunities and difficulties, even though it has some time to fully manifest. What is the metaverse, and how will it affect the events sector? Will it alter the process used to produce virtual experiences? Altyug is a complete platform for creating your own virtual space through metaverse technology.

But, what exactly is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a unique idea for start-up companies. It's important to remember that the notion of the metaverse as a service is well-defined. In general, the metaverse attempts to offer a more immersive experience by giving everyone a platform to reflect their real world onto a virtual one. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, also referred to the metaverse as the "start of the next chapter for the internet" in 2021. In order to emphasize the potential of this new chapter, even more, the author says, "In the metaverse, you'll be able to do almost anything you can imagine — get together with loved ones, work, learn, play, shop, and create, as well as wholly novel activities that don't exactly suit how we currently perceive computers or phones.

Microsoft later in November announced the release of Mesh, which intends to provide Microsoft Team members the ability to digitally communicate but in a more immersive way by generating 3D avatars. It is evident that the metaverse will make it possible for real-world activities to be technologically integrated into the virtual one. There may be countless chances in this new cosmos, which would alter how we now think about building, designing, and arranging our lives.

How will the metaverse transform the event industry?

The numerous advantages the fledgling technology will offer to companies, speakers, vendors, and attendees will spur the growth of the metaverse, which will assist the events sector. People might be able to move about freely and engage in two-way conversations in metaverses without ever leaving their houses, making the experience very dynamic. One of the most intriguing characteristics is its capacity to transcend geography and even languages. Consider the various advantages of holding events in the metaverse when planning events.

It goes without saying that the pandemic accelerated the shift from in-person events to virtual-event gatherings. Naturally, the metaverse will enable event organizers to go beyond traditional events, ushering in a new era of event production and participant interaction. Hybrid events have also grown in prominence since lockdown limitations have been relaxed in various regions of the world. However, several schools of thought have developed in relation to the overall experience that attendees of these hybrid events receive. When it comes to planning hybrid events, engagement and community building continue to be primary areas of attention and progress. It may be argued that the metaverse will present the events sector with countless opportunities to combine technology and creativity for the purpose of creating amazing online experiences.

1. Accessibility

Because a metaverse is virtual, anyone can access it. With the appropriate tools and technologies, participants of any ability and location can take part. Participants can attend events from wherever they feel most comfortable doing so, eliminating the need for unpleasant travel for those with various abilities or responsibilities. Regardless of distance, users of the metaverse can communicate as if they were in the same room. Users of the Metaverse need only approach the avatar they wish to communicate with, just as they would in the real world. Budget and space restrictions frequently influence judgments about occurrences in the actual world, but these restrictions do not apply in the metaverse.

2. 3D Avatars

Users are free to be whatever they want to be and to identify however they choose. In the metaverse, people have unrestricted freedom and creativity. Furthermore, it gives people the freedom to display themselves however they like without being limited by their gender, physical characteristics, race, or age. Furthermore, people can obtain virtual items like apparel, skins, and accessories that they might not have access to in the actual world. Future metahumans will be able to design avatars that are eerily accurate representations of who they are or how they desire to seem.

3. Unlimited Vendors and Suppliers

In the real world, you cannot use your supplier if they are not available on the day of your event. These restrictions do not apply to the metaverse, though. Additionally, if the venue area you seek doesn't already exist, a tech team can build it for you. The same may be said about your event's layout, accents, and unique elements. Your event can be planned with any features in the metaverse for brands and in any manner you like.

4. Customization

The digital nature of the metaverse allows for complete customization. The ideal event is within reach for brands with the proper strategy. In addition to conventional events, organizers can use the metaverse to build VIP lounges with entertainment, enjoyable activities, and NFT stuff. You can't just decide to throw an event in the metaverse and hope to come up with anything special all by yourself. For the greatest outcomes, collaborate with businesses that have knowledge of creating custom AR & VR environments.

Is this the best option for event strategy, Can the metaverse wipe out in-person events?

It is obvious that the metaverse will change people's ideas on how events are planned and provide people with an infinite amount of creative freedom. It's also important to keep in mind that the accessibility of VR and AR headsets may hinder their early acceptance. However, it's likely that the platform will allow event-goers to have a unique experience as it coexists side by side with other in-real-life and 2D events. The event industry will soon need to adjust to the metaverse, which is already present. Undoubtedly, this new technology will offer chances for events to support and strengthen communities. You can switch to a good metaverse company for your event planning in virtual space.

Metaverse is the new world for sustainable events as well!

Hosting events in the metaverse is great for companies that prioritize sustainable events. By choosing this option, you may cut back on travel and your event's carbon footprint dramatically while also reducing waste from booth construction, décor, and tangible materials. Expert speakers and trainers can be welcomed to your event via the metaverse. A few professionals in that subject suddenly become much more reachable if they can attend your event in the metaverse without having to fly halfway across the world - and as an added plus, if they don't need to allow time for travel, it will be easier for them to fit your event into their busy schedule. Additionally, the capabilities for metaverse branding allow for far greater creativity.

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