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Best corporate event management safety tips

Team Wiztales
October 25, 2022
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Corporate events are the most effective way for corporates to build their company culture and engage with partners, employees and clients. It can be the perfect way to bring people associated with the company together to discuss, network, learn, have fun and build memory. 

The success of a corporate event is in its return on investment and achieving the objective of the event. Safety and security of corporate events are one of significant concerns of events' success. As an event host, your responsibility is to ensure your guests' safety. But most of the time, when it comes to corporate events, the attention and budget towards safety and security are kept minimum.

The host, event planners, and venue managers must team up and ensure the safety, security and health of every participant. It is always essential to have an event safety management plan, irrespective of the size, type or place of the corporate event. 

We have brought you a few basic and essential event security and safety tips that can help your attendees and stakeholders attend the event more peacefully.  

Assess your safety and security risks

It is usual thought that "what can be a safety risk at a corporate event?" But when you start assessing the risks of the event with multiple questions, you can identify the potential threats. The threats or risks need not always be of enormous disturbance or impact; rather, they can also be as small as trespassers without entry, people without an invite, overcrowding at the venue, food and water safety, electronic and electrical gadgets safety, and many more. 

It would help if you listed each potential risk, checked its probability and impact, and prepared to face or mitigate it. 

After assessing the events' risks and threats, it is crucial to design an event risk management plan. The plan should help you reduce, eliminate, substitute or mitigate the risks at your event. 

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Make your event trespassers-free zone

Trespassers are the common nuisance creators in most corporate events, and they can be of low to high-impact threats. They can have the smallest aim of consuming and enjoying the event content without a proper entry fee or huge goals like accessing confidential corporate information. 

So it is important to check the participants at the check-in. To ensure the participants are invited or permitted to the event, it is essential to check their registration information and collect their identifying information. 

You can partner with the event registration app like Wizit and smoothly manage your registration and participants' entry to your event. Wizit's Kiosk app helps event planners and participants have a hassle-free check-in experience.  

Create Security Checkpoints

Along with check-in/entry points, you can have multiple checkpoints at the lobby, conference hall, networking room and sponsor booths. Along with security, it will also get information on participants' interests and activities in your event. 

Screen your staff and guests

It is equally important to screen the staff and guests along with participants. Since the security officials will not be aware of your staffs and guests, it might get tougher at check-in. So you can provide a special or exclusive entry code or allot QR code for them also.

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Define the Code of Conduct

When sending out the registration confirmation or invite mail, define the code of conduct properly. This will help in maintaining decorum and safety at the event. Participants should know the dos and don'ts of the event. If possible, display the code of conduct event at the venue.

Consider hiring outside help

If your corporate event has huge/crowded participants or if the risk probability is high, you can opt for private security services. Security professionals can handle the risk and security more efficiently than events staff. 

The Bottom line

You can never guarantee that there is zero possibility of security or safety risks at your corporate event, but you can assess the risks and threats, understand their impact and make a necessary plan to avoid, mitigate or minimise it from happening. Good security, risk management plan and vigilance is the key to ensuring safety for your guests, staff and participants. 

Wizit is an agnostic in-person DIY event experience app that helps event organisers streamline the process of planning and organising in-person events, reducing their workload moderately. The inbuilt features of Wizit - ticketing and event check-in, live streaming, unified communication, lead scanning and networking make it the best companion for organisers, participants and sponsors. 

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