Online Job Fairs - The Modern HR's best friend to finding talent

Team Wiztales
June 23, 2022
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Imagine you are John Connor from Terminator. You are sent back in time to the early and late 90s to collect real-time data regarding the job hunts of the past. You see job seekers scrounging through the newspapers, circling the jobs relevant to their qualifications, and reaching out to the job poster. The whole process is cumbersome, redundant, and time-consuming. 

Thanks to the internet and digital invasion, finding talent has never been more hassle-free. Especially, owing to the extended lockdowns and adoption of remote work culture, people have embraced the power of the internet to make their work more efficient and productive. That’s right! Virtual/online job fairs are back in the game, this time with better, improved, and more efficient results. 

Integrating digital technology with the functions of career and recruitment fairs, online job fairs have become a boon in disguise for modern-day HR to recruit the next perfect talent for an organization, and here’s why.

Accessibility to an enormous talent pool from across the globe

In old-school, traditional F2F interviews, the kind of talent you attract might be specific to a certain demographic. However, with the world turning digital and remote working gradually becoming the new normal, potential candidates need not be from a specific demographic. It means through online job fairs, you can attract a mix of talent across different ethnicities and backgrounds to add global value to your organization. 

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It’s Efficient in Every Way

An online job fair provides more than what a traditional job fair would, without limiting its jurisdiction to a specified area. All the more importantly, recruiters and candidates can easily connect without the hassle of travel, time, and other costs that could add up over time. Integrating your job portal with the right recruiting software can help facilitate candidates to jumpstart their applications, effective screening, and scheduling, and makes the whole interviewing process a much more time-efficient affair. It is that simple.

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Tailor-made to suit your organization’s needs

Online job fairs nowadays, thanks to digital technology, are backed by a customizable infrastructure that can be tailored to suit your organization’s requirements. This means your online job fairs can go beyond standard templates and be organized and shaped as you wish. Furthermore, this exercise makes your brand stand out from the crowd and can attract top and relevant talents to your doorsteps. 

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Despite the plethora of benefits offered by online job fairs, companies are still skeptical to leverage their full potential. By opting to implement job fairs in the online spectrum, and your whole talent pool scattered across the internet, you will be ahead of the game in every way. Obviously, job seekers are going to appreciate a more flexible and convenient way of finding and applying for job opportunities. If anything, they’ll be impressed with your organization’s modern take on career fairs.

The only way to tide through unprecedented times

Covid-19 has posed many challenges in the recruiting industry. Recruiters and job seekers faced a major hassle in wading through the lockdowns and restrictions to connect for a face-to-face interview. Owing to the age-old saying that change is the only constant, organizations started to embrace the virtual job fair culture to create an easy way to access their next potential recruit.

What started as a temporary solution has now become a bridge that helps connect the right employers with the perfect employees for several organizations. With work-from-home still practiced in the new normal, recruiters have figured out a much more powerful way to fill roles efficiently while staying in the comfort of their homes. 

So, it is wise to have a Virtual Job Fair as a part of your recruitment plan. It would help your organization in unanticipated times. 

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Omnichannel Communication for better reach

With an online job fair, you can cast your net as far as you want in the digital ocean to make sure that you attract the finest talents from across the world. You have a cheaper and wide way to reach your potential hires in the form of social media marketing. It has become easier than ever to integrate your online job fair with platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Handshake, and much more so you reach a wider audience. 

Ability to track your performance with quantifiable results

Your online job fairs can easily be analyzed using the metrics obtained from your virtual event. Critical details such as the number of sign-ups, number of attendees, and converted hires can be documented efficiently and used to create reports for future reference. It gives you clear insights as to how better you can plan your next event marketing and talent acquisition strategies. 

With the advent of covid-19, a lot of processes have been completely digitized and are here to stay. So, online job fairs are highly beneficial for both the candidates and recruiters to help them connect over a single unified platform to meet their unique needs. This results in a win-win situation for both recruiters and job seekers. Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, online job fairs can help you achieve your hiring goals faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

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