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3 unique ways to build your strong network during corporate events

Team Wiztales
September 27, 2022
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Networking is crucial for growing one's personal brand and professional connections. When it comes to business, networking is an essential element of branding and increasing brand visibility. 

While the opportunity to network is endless, professional and business events are the most accessible place to build a network of people with similar and shared interests. 

Events allow the participants to meet, connect and build meaningful contacts who can in the future help in professional growth/job referral or may refer a client or become a client themselves. 

So here are 3 unique ways to build your network during corporate events.

1. Have a goal

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When you choose to be a part of a corporate event, have a self-goal or agenda. Based on the theme and your core interest, build the goal. It should include your core takeaways from the event, like what you will learn, what activities you should be part of and what kind of contact you are looking for. 

Once you have set the goals, you will clearly know what you are precisely looking for from the event. The next step is to prepare yourself to achieve those goals successfully. To build a connection with the speakers or guests in the event, read about them and know their work. 

Also, when you start conversing, the first point is to introduce yourself - so be prepared with an effective introduction note. Introduce yourself with solid body language, eye contact and a brief handshake. 

As you have a set goal, look for guests and participants who will help you or guide you through your needs and build connections with them. Even if you aren't socially outgoing, make sure you prepare yourself and try to communicate with fellow participants.

2. Be an initiator

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Corporate events might have many activities, so whenever you have a chance to be a part of a group or individual activity, push yourself in front and be an initiator. 

It will increase your visibility at the event and is an excellent opportunity to showcase your leadership or team-building skills. Along with exhibiting and learning technical skills, events are the best place for showcasing and equipping soft skills. 

Every event will have icebreaker sessions, activities and edutainment games, participate in them; if any of your team members are dubious, help them and lead the team. 

Another vital tip for group activities is always to be a great listener. If you are attentive and receiving while they communicate, they will reciprocate the same when you talk, making it easy to establish a connection. When you listen to fellow participants and want to connect with them, have a few good questions and ask them. It will show that you are interested in knowing about their background, skills and knowledge. 

3. Follow up            

Once you have made an effort to communicate and know people from the event, post the event, follow up with the people you'd like to have in your network. It can be through social media, professional networking, or emails. Personalise each message, letting the person understand that you enjoyed meeting them and can be in touch to share mutual knowledge. In the message/email, mention what you learned from the person, topics you both discussed, or an activity you jointly completed. 

Summing up

Corporate events offer the best opportunity to build a solid network for the participants. And networking is the most incredible tool for professional growth. Follow these three unique ways to connect and build your network while enjoying the event!

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