How to make your virtual corporate event engaging?

Team Wiztales
July 14, 2022
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Engagement is the core key of every corporate event. A successful virtual corporate event should effectively entertain and engage all audiences. Engagement is the only factor that improves the ROI of attendees and allows them to attend the event without any distraction. 

Virtual corporate events need rigorous planning and timely execution to stop the audience from feeling screen fatigue and feel entertained throughout the event. While just being connected by a device, the audiences have a high chance of getting distracted. So it is essential to add interactive elements that will keep the audience feel involved and be a part of the event. 

In this post, we have compiled a few virtual event engagement tips that will help you keep your audience engaged and entertained until the end of your event!

1 - Choose the right platform

Gone are the days of using virtual conferencing platforms for online events. Nowadays, it is essential to have a virtual event platform with all functionalities and features that will make the event extensively lively and engaging. 

The right virtual event platform will help you plan, promote, manage, organise, and execute the virtual event effectively.  Once you have finalized the goal and theme of the event, you can choose the virtual event platform that will add value to your audience limitlessly. 

A few of the important features that a virtual event platform should have to make the event engaging are: it should let you integrate third-party apps, video, audio and text chats, networking forums, gamification, virtual booths, Q&A,  polls, emojis, social walls, and leaderboard. So while choosing the hosting platform, make sure you are locking in the best platform.

2 - Leverage external talents

A host or mediator is the most crucial part of events. So you can collaborate with any external talent and allow them to host the event. It will add fresh energy to corporate events. Along with the host, you can also collaborate with other external talents who can entertain the audience and impart their skill sets. It can be anyone from the entertainment industry, soft skills practitioners, or off-beat professionals who can add value to the event. 

3 - Give a gamified experience

Gamification is one of the most incredible engagement strategies in virtual events. Gamification has the power to infuse instant energy and excitement among the attendees. It is a perfect option for icebreaking and makes the participants attentive toward the event. It can be anything from a fun 3D video game, trivia games based on skills, AI matchmaking, or specialized games for sponsors/exhibitors like lucky draws or scavenger hunts. 

Along with gamification, you can integrate a leaderboard and give your audience a participation score for all the engagement attempts they have made. And at the end of the event, you can award the audience with the highest points. You can also opt for team-based gamification options to take engagement and networking to the next level.

4 - Virtual Booths

virtual stalls

Virtual booths are personalized branded spaces for exhibitors to connect with attendees to showcase their products/services and capture leads. A virtual booth is a feature that can be an engaging point for both the audience and sponsors. When the audience has break time or feels screen fatigue, they might visit the booths and get information on exhibitors, their products/services, claims offers, or shops. 

You can also set up virtual photo booths. Photobooth is one of the most innovative, fun, and engaging features, as people love to take photos and share them on their social media. You can also give them the option to set up the photo as their event profile picture. 

Give the attendees the option to take group collage pictures. After the event, you can also print these photos and give them to your employees and other participants to make the event more memorable.

5 - Polls, emoji, and Q&A 

It is crucial to make the audience be attentive during every session of the event. So polls, emojis and Q&A forums are engagement features that can help the host engage the audience during the sessions. Along with audience engagement, these features will allow the host to learn more about the audience and gather feedback instantly. 

If the mood of the sessions is not moving forward as planned, they can find it instantly and make the required changes immediately. Whiteboard, chat, puzzles, and live quizzes are also a few other features that can be incorporated during the session to make it more lively and engaging.

6 - Discussion forums and networking lounges

Discussion forums and networking lounges allow attendees to communicate with their fellow participants, exchange ideas, share experiences and connect with like-minded people. You can organize live discussion forums, put out topics and allow the participants to share their thoughts or debate on them. 

You can make it a text-based or audio/video-based discussion forum. You can organize break-out sessions that let the participants connect with the guests or host one-on-one. You can organize team discussions with the help of break-out rooms. Have a virtual waiting hall and integrate a chat option into it. So that it can also be turned into a networking space, and while waiting for a session to start, participants can get to connect with each other.

Wrapping up

Virtual events come with the advantage of experimenting with various features to increase the engagement rate resulting in the highest ROI. You can leverage the above-mentioned tips and features to connect with your audience and give them a compelling event experience. 

Check Wiz365, an intelligent all-in-one virtual event platform that has all the features that will make the event engaging and memorable to the audience. We designed the platform in a highly user-friendly way so that the organizers don’t need any specific technical knowledge to host the event. 

Request a demo now and make your next event a win-win for the organizer, audience, and sponsors, as Wiz365 guarantees to give the best ROI!

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