Top security tips to secure online event
Team Wiztales
July 15, 2022

Since 2020 many companies and organisations have taken their events to the virtual stage. In these two years, virtual events have become a well-established event format and it is expected to become more common in the near future. 

But anything virtual can be at the risk of cybersecurity and attack. We have also seen many attempts to hack virtual event platforms and attendees' data. Though they have become well-established, the securitisation on evert platforms and virtual event data is still evolving.

Virtual events have high vulnerabilities and can be easily targeted and hacked by cyber attackers. This article will explore top security tips to secure online events.

Top security vulnerabilities for online events

Virtual events come with multiple holes, risks and vulnerabilities as we as a society are yet to get used to using them securely. Attackers who try to hack or illicitly disturb or cause nuisance during the event are not who always have high goals or aims behind the attack. They can be of minimal risk like trespassers who try to attend the event without paying for it or try to steal open data, steal the event content etc. 

All these possibilities occur because of the following holes - 

  • Insecure and open distribution of entry and attendee codes,
  • Lack of authentication at the event platform entry to prove the attendee’s identity,
  • Poor implementation or lack of encryption technologies,
  • Week security within the event platform,
  • Vulnerabilities in the gadgets and devices used by the attendees, guests and hosts,
  • Lack of URL filtering and malware scanning,
  • Lack of tools or plugins to stop screen recording or stealing event content, and
  • Lack of data security

Four security tips to secure online event

The following tips, when followed to the fullest whenever possible, the following tips can help you stay away from cyber stackers and stay secure with all the data and content involved in the virtual event. 

1.Have control over who can access the event

The first and foremost thumb rule for virtual events is to control the entry point and know 100% who is accessing the event exactly. Have multi-factor authentication to prove the attendee's identity and then allow them to access the event. 

To control the event access effectively, you need to properly manage the registrations for event and integrate them with your virtual event platform to help control and know who can attend the event, limiting the risk of attackers entering your event platform.

Always share the event link to participants' emails. Never post the link of your event openly in social media, online or offline advertisements or any other public channels that can encourage malicious persons to attend the event. Try to provide unique passcode to every individual attendee. 

2.Teach safety practices to the attendees

As said earlier, many of us are still new to this technological advancement, and data shows that 90% of data breaches occur because of human errors. So it is the responsibility of the organisers to communicate effective cyber security tips to their attendees too. 

From the date of registration, throughout all the reminders of events to the final remainder and entry access points, send and flash the safety practices and tips with your attendees. One of the most important tips is to ask your participants to attend the event using their private network rather than public wi-fi networks. 

It will help them understand that using public wifi comes with high risk, and it is not a secure source of data. If possible, ask your participants to secure their devices with antivirus software. During the event, if any of the participants find any malicious profiles ask them to report them immediately.

3.Strengthen network security

It is very important to secure the corporate network to prevent and protect them from unauthorised intrusion. Network security is concerned with protecting and detecting a company's internal network security. It involves safeguarding and securing external network access, which can assist in securing the devices regardless of their location. This is especially critical for virtual events, as attendees are likely to participate from various parts of the world.

 4.Monitor disruptive and suspicious activity during the event

It is important to continuously monitor the course of the event to ensure its safety and security. Never allow access to host or present to the participants. These should be accessible only by the host. Designate a participant or any backend team member to monitor the active attendees and let them gather information on unwarranted attendees who haven’t registered for the event. Designate another member to react to the reports sent by the participant and take the necessary actions immediately. 

Wrapping up

Although there are many risk factors and possibilities for the attackers to hack the virtual event platform, these can be stopped to an extent by following the tips we have mentioned above. Keep in mind the holes and vulnerabilities we have listed in this article, and use the tips to secure your event, attendees' data and the organisation's pieces of information from cyber attacks.

Wiz365 is an intelligent, all-in-one virtual event platform with all the necessary features that will make the event engaging and memorable to the audience. It is a highly user-friendly platform which allows integration effortlessly. 

At Wiz365, we ensure 100% safety to the data involved, and you can collaborate with us to host your next event most securely and effortlessly.

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