‍Mirror X to Metaverse, a journey of Innovation and Resilience 

Crisanta Silveira
November 14, 2022
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Banglore, the city famously known as the hub of Information Technology, with corporate offices in every nook and corner of its vast landscape, is in this city that Wiztales was born, the brainchild of Sumanyu and Krishna, who were once part of the corporate world at the prestigious Infosys, working closely and developing CRM tools for clients, it was during one such client meeting that the idea for a Mirror Photobooth floated into the conversation. While the Mirror photobooth was all the rage in the USA, it had not yet made its way over to the Indian event industry. 

This sparked the desire and lit the entrepreneurship fire in both Sumanyyu and Krishna who were determined to bring this technology and more to India and spent hours in research and development, sourcing materials from across the globe and puttng in many tedious manual labor hours that then gave rise to the first mirror photobooth in India which they aptly called ‘Mirror X’, a product whereon touching the mirror, it would automatically capture a picture and print it. 

 With Mirror X as a product, their first stop was Comic Con 2017 to showcase the product and with luck on their side, Mirror X garnered the attention of not just the attendees but multiple event agencies across India, which gave them an opportunity to branch out into the Event Industry and develop more products in line with the experiential market, reaching the Filmfare awards with their products in tow. 

It was smooth sailing and continuous scaling up from there for Wiztales up until the Global crisis- Covid-19 struck, effectively shutting down the event industry and within a 10-day period Wiztales was all out of work, it was at this point that Krishna and Sumanyu put their heads together  and in 5 months they created another successful product “Wiz365

equipped with only sheer determination, resilience, and the faith of their clientele they conducted their first-ever virtual event which lead to redefining Wiztales from just an experiential product company to one of the finest, most lightweight, scalable Virtual Events Platforms in the market. Wiz365 has gone on to not just reshape the company's future but also play a vital part in the event industry in setting a benchmark for virtual events. The platform has evolved from just a 3D platform to a complete 360-degree platform and has hosted major events such as Flipkart Seller Hub, Flipkart Big Billion Days, Manipal university Orientation day, Aditya Birla Group Events and many more. 

Wiztales has always been at the forefront of event technology, constantly updating itself while pushing the boundaries of possibilities, keeping this in mind, Wiztales has launched two new products earlier this year with the singular aim to reimagine the convenience of events both on the physical and virtual front, allowing for a truly seamless event experience. 

With the launch of Wizit by Wiztales, an in-person event experience app the aim is to help physical and virtual event organizers streamline administration (ticketing to payments), drive engagement & networking, and create rewarding & unique experiences for their virtual viewers and on-ground attendees. 

Keeping with the theme of pushing the boundaries of technology and providing convenience, the second product launched by Wiztales does just that and much more with  Altyug’ - India’s first E-commerce and Events Metaverse for Brands,  consumers can now experience the new frontier with a platform that blurs the line between the impossible and possible, allowing attendees and brands to create their stamp in the metaverse and make it accessible to all, with Altyug’s device-agnostic approach and a friendly interface that does not require a VR headset, it can truly be accessed by all. 

The journey from Mirror X to Altyug has been one, full of learning and innovation, with what started in a cubicle at Infosys, two friends, and a drive to create has now turned into one of the most successful event technology companies.

With all the world has to offer, Wiztales has a mountain to scale and milestones to accomplish and the climb has just begun. 

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Crisanta Silveira
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