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How Wiz365 Turned Manipal University Orientation Day Into a Huge Success
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August 5, 2022

It was April 4, 2022, when Wiz365 aided Manipal University in conducting the orientation day for the new batch of students enrolling into the university. As this was a virtual event, students from different and diverse courses running from BBA, BCA, BCom, MCA, MBA, MAJMC attended the virtual orientation without hassles. It was a great opportunity for them as this online orientation on Wiz365 imparted them with values, ethos, integrity and great learnings right from the comfort of their homes and surroundings. 

Paving Way to the Orientation

Students had to register themselves on the RSVP page with specific details like name, mobile number, email address, course they have enrolled for, country, and city in order to take part in the event. Then on the event day, students had the choice of logging in on the platform using 2 methods of their choice- either login from the email address they used at the time of registration or use their mobile number with the country code. Upon logging in, students could go through the transition video which gave them the vibes of being present in the actual campus and as the video reaches the ending, they land down to the lobby area.

Also, students who didn’t register and tried logging in on the platform on the day of orientation were unable to attend the event without registration.

Virtual Spaces Offered

Wiz365 also provided a lobby area for the audience. This area had diverse elements to offer ranging from helpdesk, auditorium, exhibition area, networking lounge, search based chat functionality, leaderboard to entertainment based spaces including photo-op and funzone.

Students also got to witness the virtual auditorium space wherein the main session was conducted. The speakers came in as per their time slot, shared valuable insights and industry experiences as well boosted the morale of the students in order to make them future ready. Students were also bestowed upon with the best wishes for the courses they enrolled for.

Wiz365 platform also offered Exhibition Stalls to the audience. For the different courses students enrolled in, each of these courses had a specific stall. This made it easy for the students to reach down to their specific department and get all the essential information regarding their course. They could also chat with the faculty designated for each of the courses. Students also had the accessibility to download brochures or quickly view it and visit the website functionality that teleported individuals to a different tab and gave them a view of the specific website and course. Exhibition Stalls had the following integration;

  1. Exhibition Hall
  2. Specific Stall
  3. Brochure Quick View
  4. Go to website
  5. Chat with Faculties

Wiz365 platform offered a Networking Lounge for the students. This Networking Lounge was created for students from specific courses to be able to communicate freely with their batchmates and get to know them before joining the classes. In order to keep everything under firm control, specific functionality was the chat function only and this space was overall access controlled. This means that students could interact with individuals from their own courses rather than communicating with other students not from their department. Even if they tried, they received a notification stating that they didn’t have the access to that particular lounge.

Keep the Game on

Now, who wouldn’t want to lighten up after a stretched conference. In order to ease the students during the ongoing Manipal University virtual orientation, Wiz365 provided them with options and offerings of entertainment so that everyone can come, play some virtual games and get themselves clicked on the photo-op available.  

Communication is the Key

Wiz365 also had filter based chat functionality wherein students could use the filtration from the dropdown menu for the course they wished to choose, or city, or students they wanted to communicate with. Students could communicate with each other on chat and if the communication went off well, both were able to carry on the conversation with one another from the video call feature enabled in the chat space.    

Leaders Pathway

Leaderboard integration was done on the Wiz365 platform. Here, students were rewarded with a set of pointers for activities they perform. This leaderboard saw the top 10 students who participated the maximum during the Manipal University orientation. Their achievements were made visible to other students as well so as to encourage and boost them and get greater retention and broader participation. 

Manipal University virtual orientation on Wiz365 platform was enjoyed by all the students and received huge applause from the audience!

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