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Transitioning to Virtual Flipkart Business Hours
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December 13, 2022

WizTales team recently conducted a series of Flipkart events on its Wiz365 platform. WizTales takes great pride in conducting a total of 14 Flipkart events in a span of 2 months. The idea behind conducting Flipkart business hours online was to interact with their sellers in a much more personalised way and make them feel more connected. 

Virtual Auditorium 

WizTales made sure that the overall Wiz365 platform was created so as to allow sellers from any walk of life be available for the event. Be it someone in their warehouse, driving the car, or on a holiday, everyone could participate in the event and take away the key pointers from the session held in the virtual auditorium. 

Most of the sellers joined the event from their mobile phones hence, the overall event was easy to carry and the team received quite a wonderful response. People who entered the Wiz365 auditorium facility could login through their email id, where they received an OTP in the inbox to be able to become a part of the platform. 

Auditorium conducted the main sessions which started at 4 pm with an emcee welcoming the guests. Going forward, a session by Jagdeep Harode (Head Market Place) took place where he answered questions on BBD learnings. Then a conference by Vineet Anand on Flipkart Fulfilment took place, followed by checklist from Kapil Thirani (Senior Director, Market Place) closing the ceremony.

The Wiz365 auditorium offered QnA sessions to the sellers where they could put across their questions which were answered on the spot. 

Transitioning Experiences

In order to show the audience how the experience would have been if the event was conducted in a hotel, a transition video was created giving people the vibe of visiting the hotel for real and attending the business hour. Transition was created by showcasing the audience the outer view and then taking them to the lobby wherein the sellers were able to access all the facilities and offerings. 

Wiz365 also offered an easy to understand and explore tutorial so that sellers could come forwards and check for themselves and understand how to transition from one virtual place to another without the need of external aid. Also, WizTales made sure that the tutorial is made available in hindi for easy understanding and accessibility of the audience. The overall Wiz365 platform was made clickable so that if a seller is clicking on a specific spot he could land on to that particular space and spot. 

Diversifying Spaces

Wiz365 offered varied and diverse virtual avenues to the audience. Right from an auditorium, networking space, learning lounge, gaming zone to a brand partner booth, the platform had it all! Sellers could directly communicate with the Flipkart team and put across their worries and queries as well get the redressal. The two Networking rooms had 4 tables, where every table catered to minimum 2 people and maximum 100 people-

  1. Networking Room 1 catered to the Seller Support Team & Selection Team
  2. Networking Room 2 provided for the Returns Teams & Seller Protection Fund Team

Wiz365 Learning Lounge was accessible only to the gold and silver sellers. The learning lounge was further segmented into 2;

  1. Learning Lounge 1 - Pricing recommendations by Amey Sahasrabudhe (Product Manager) & Ads best practices for festive season and top FAQs by Umang Jani (Manager, Product Listing Ads) were conducted; here sellers could attend the sessions and ask questions which were addressed by the speakers. Also, live polls were held and audiences could cast their answers as to how they liked the sessions. 
  2. Learning Lounge 2 conducted sessions on minimizing returns to improve profit by Anshul Udani (Sr Manager, Business Intelligence) and tips for order processing to improve reliability by Saurabh Roy (Asst Manager, MP Fulfilment) was also held were sellers who attended could get their doubts and questions addressed by the speakers. Live polls also happened in this lounge.

The platform, Wiz365 also had a Resource Centre for the Flipkart Business Hour. In the virtual Resource Centre, sellers directly viewed the videos & content of known entrepreneurs. This helped them follow the best practices and keep themselves upgraded. Wiz365 Resource Centre had the option of download and quick view access, where audiences could view the content as well as download them as per their likeability. 

Communicating the Way Out

Wiz365 platform also had a brand partner booth, where people who attended the Flipkart Business Hour could communicate directly with other brands on video call as well over chat too. They could also see the collaterals either in the document form or video bit. Virtual stalls were also integrated where audiences could give their feedback as to how they felt about the event.

Entertainment is the Way

In order to lighten the audience, Wiz365 also had an entertainment section carved out where people could opt-in for photo-op and play various online games. Also, a Social Wall was integrated where people were able to put up their experiences on their social media handles. All of this could be seen by the audience available in the event. When any person puts up a post with the branded hashtags, Wiz365 Social Wall by default picked up the post and showcased it on the social wall. 

Deeper Retention

In order to maximize the participation in the Flipkar Business Hour, a point system was implemented into Wiz365. This helped in understanding the detailed analytics in a better and refined way. Also, a leaderboard was integrated into the platform to highlight people who have earned maximum points and encourage all the users to participate more and get them showcased on the leaderboard. 

All in all, the Flipkart Business Hour was a huge success and everyone who attended the conference loved it!

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