How to decide between in-person and virtual events

Team Wiztales
November 29, 2022
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When it comes to organizing events, you have more options and flexibility now than ever before. A typical in-person event can be held with all the enjoyable activities, captivating live speakers, and on-site networking you’re audience could ask for. On the other hand, presenting a virtual event allows you to reach a far larger audience while spending less money. Or you might organize a hybrid conference that combines the greatest elements of online and in-person gatherings. But how can you choose which kind of event is ideal when you have both alternatives available to you? Without a question, in-person events served as the event industry’s basic core and helped it to reach milestones. Random events have forced the event sector to take a broader approach and consider the overall picture, though. Virtual Event Platform offers a variety of event amenities to meet your needs and is not just limited to one type of event. Online conferences, live performances, and other events are examples of this. Even though both in-person and virtual events have their own distinctive qualities. A comparison between virtual events and real-world events is necessary to comprehend the current trend in the event industry. Wiztales is a top-notch place from where you can build your event visions into reality with smart ideas.

What to choose either Virtual events or in-person events?

Virtual events and in-person events are different things, and each has a new concept from the other. Below listed are the differences between virtual and in-person events.

Let's understand what are virtual events.

  1. Virtual events are more cost-effective since they may be hosted for less money because of the logistics and travel savings.
  2. More people will participate since virtual events link your participants on a global scale by bridging geographic obstacles.
  3. Due to the greater flexibility that these virtual events provide to their guests without wasting any money or time, they attract 50% more attendance than in-person events.
  4. Additionally, as virtual events leave no carbon imprint compared to physical ones, they are more environmentally beneficial.
  5. Everything is available on a single page for a whole 365 days thanks to a more integrated platform. (whether it involves planning numerous events, conference platforms, live event platforms, or a virtual platform for meetings). These capabilities assist event planners in two ways: first, they eliminate the need for them to connect to any third-party software or businesses in order to plan conferences and events, and second, they lower the cost of setting up events on an ongoing basis. One can switch to an In-person event experience app or software that can help you out with the issue.
  6. For use both before and during events, sponsors and exhibitors can use virtual space to display their company names and event logos. With numerous customization options, the virtual platform has been created with the organizer in mind.
  7. 50% more options for participation in virtual events that include Q&A sessions and surveys, which improve participation.
  8. Additionally, activities like writing on doodle walls allow participants the chance to contribute their insightful opinions, and selfie booths enable participants to capture special experiences that will last a lifetime.

Virtual, in-person, and hybrid there are three trends going on in event management segments!

Virtual events have been a useful stopgap during lockdown orders, but there's no doubting their advantages. Reduced travel and lodging expenses are a couple of them, as is the fact that anyone with a broadband internet connection can take part. Nevertheless, there is no denying the value of live events, which cannot be replaced. Hosts and sponsors are concentrating more on combining the two event forms as they enter a new era of event management in order to provide a hybrid experience that can accommodate both in-person and virtual guests. Even though there are in-person and virtual events, hybrid events are also included in the conventional in-person event experience through technology to provide unique attendee experiences. However, creating a successful hybrid experience where each guest may have a similar high-quality and valuable experience might be difficult. This post has examined a number of tried-and-true propositions, notions, and suggestions that you can quickly put into practice using a fully integrated events management platform.

 Let’s come to in-person events!

  1. Compared to in-person events, which also have high logistical costs for things like storage and transportation, ROI is lower than the virtual events.
  2. As soon as a venue is chosen for in-person events in a certain place, the reach of those events is constrained.
  3. These days, virtual conferences are very common. But as we are all aware, event broadcasting requires a fairly steady network state. The most challenging issues that every event planner encounters are errors in online technical operations or communications breakdowns. For in-person conferences, however, network stability is no longer the main factor. We were able to communicate face-to-face through in-person conferences. This form of expression might be more understandable and less distracting for conference attendees.
  4. Events held in person are less eco-friendly.
  5. In-person events offer limited space with a time constraint for sponsors/exhibitors
  6. Limited Networking in In-person events due to geographical limitations and time limitations. Organizers find it a hassle to collect data like registration count, names, and details of attendees. Moreover, attendees also have to stand in a long queue to get themselves registered.
  7. Distractions are present in virtual events, however, when you attend an event in person, you are completely focused on what is going on there. As Virtual events have more chances of distractions, hence in-person events or conferences can be the best option in these terms.
  8. Its reach is limited as soon as a location is picked for in-person activities in a certain area. Because travel consumes the majority of people's time and money, fewer people attend in-person events. People prefer to select something flexible and simple like virtual events because in this fast moving world, everyone will want to prioritise time management to attend events
  9. Big things like developing new business relationships and gaining trust are often simpler in person. The size of virtual meeting rooms also works against the development of relationships and trust.

Conclusion to the above words

With all due respect, both in-person and virtual events offer advantages and disadvantages. However, if we look at the information provided above. The best event management software can readily state that virtual events are more creative, distinctive, interactive, and engaging than in-person events. With virtual, you can give the event's organizers and guests much more. With the aid of the appropriate type of cutting-edge technology it has developed,  Wiz365 has main goal to empower organizations in creating top-notch experience, globally. Therefore, use caution when choosing the appropriate Event Partner for your event. When compared to in-person events, virtual events don't need a physical venue or anything related to it, such as a setup team, food and beverage, valet, and other necessities for a successful event. Whereas, an in-person meeting, on the other hand, promotes more cooperative engagement and collaboration thinking since participants can read each other's body language and hold more rapid-fire talks. Due to only one person being able to talk at a time, the collaboration is much more structured than in virtual meetings.

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